Friday, February 27, 2009

The Kingdom

CH: Have you seen The Kingdom? With Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner??

JH: Nope. Is it good?

CH: It is sooooo good. I highly recommend it. 2 thumbs up. :) I learned a lot about the whole Saudi Arabia culture and the issues going on there. I don't think the movie is a true story, but I think it generalizes a lot of the mentality of the people there....and how all of the vengeance and everything between our countries are never going to's a very scary thing actually.

Anyways - I forgot what I initially wanted to say about the movie from last week when I first posted it...but it was an excellent movie and you should definitely add it to your Netflix queue. :)

We also watched Munich this weekend which is similarly themed although involving Iraq and Israel (I think - I am so dim when it comes to foreign country politics)....but this was also an intriguing movie....this was BASED on a true story....well, based on a handful of true facts, and then a story was built around those facts................but it was extremely interesting....very long (3 hours) and a little confusing (for me at least) at times....but I feel a little more educated after watching was pretty graphic in some parts though, so beware.

Another great one to add to your Netflix queue - I gave it 4 stars (I gave The Kingdom 5 stars).

JH: It has been Netflixed!

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