Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daily Breeze...

CH: Did you know that the Daily Breeze is moving it's location? Did you ever go on the field trip in elementary school or something like that where you toured the factory? I vaguely remember it....I think they're going to tear it down and build more medical offices or something b/c it's part of Little Company of Mary/Providence.....and DB is moving down to Torrance and Hawthorne...I think the same building where DaVita used to be located.

So sad to see childhood memories going away :(

JH: Yeah, it's such a bummer :( It breaks my heart a little, knowing that NOEL will no longer be hung out front around the holidays. Another childhood memory crushed. It's interesting though because they've been filming that Disney show on the same corner and spilling into the parking lot. They began filming after the building was sold, so I'm assuming LCM won't be using it any time soon.

CH: What Disney show?? Why are they filming on the corner? I'm trying to picture a Disney show depicted on a street corner...I'm not seeing it.

Also - have you been over to Playa Vista before?? I'm in LOVE with this area and if Dan and I can ever get past not having a yard, or paying a gazillion dollars to have one, then I soooo want to move's beautiful and so neat looking!

If they ever build the area across the street from the cemetary where Avery is, I think it's going to be really similar....but who knows if they'll ever approve it so that they can start building...

JH: The Disney show is called Zeke and Luther. They built a set on the corner. From the front (Torrance Blvd.) it looks like a house and from the side (the street that runs along West High) it looks like a set. It's in the same parking lot at the old Daily Breeze building. I'm surprised you didn't know about it because a lot of the West High kids tried getting walk-on parts. I thought Michelle or Liz might have said something.

I don't know much about Playa Vista. Yards are overrated though ... so long as the house is huge ;) I'm still obsessed with my official dream home in Palos Verdes. 6 bed, 6 bath, ocean view awesomeness with a movie theatre!

CH: I will take ANY house in P.V. just for the record.....except for the falling into the ocean part...that doesn't sound so cool for my multi-million dollar home....
And I'm shocked I haven't noticed the Zeke and Luther set either...I'm usually very acutely aware of stuff like that...but I guess I haven't really driven that way in awhile either....
You must go to Playa Vista sometime to check it out...they have the cutest "square" that a set of the buildings surround with a big grassy area and a fountain....and I remember reading that they have like community things - parades, etc. And then they have a dog park and walking trails...right behind it is's really neat. I want Dan to go over there with me to walk in the model homes. :) :)

JH: Haha, Playa Vista is P.V. as well! I guess we'll actually have to start spelling out the entire name now.

CH: Haha I didn't even realize it...duh. Well they're both pretty awesome....but Playa Vista isn't falling into the ocean at least. :)

JH: Good point.

CH: I found this article in the Daily Breeze about Zeke and Luther if anyone's curious:

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