Friday, April 30, 2010


Crystal: Jen - I feel like you've posted something similar to this in the past, or maybe another product from the same company? Either way, I just came across this site for Baggino, a first I was like, wow - this is weird looking...and way overboard for my personal taste...but as I watched the video play and saw them start pulling out the items in the little pockets, I started to think that although it's completely silly looking, and I'd totally walk out of a public bathroom laughing to myself at anyone I saw wearing one of these, it actually was kind of handy.

Judge for yourself. :)

Jen: How funny! I actually blogged about them last year here. I love this company, even though I don't have any children yet. The owners are so sweet! I'm glad to see their business is catching on!!!

Circa Ceramics- Etsy Feature

Jen: I think I want to throw out all of my old dishes and start over with a collection from Circa Ceramics! It's a two-person ceramics business that started back in 1999.

Be sure to check out their:

I love the camera collection best! What's your favorite?

(#4 - April 30, 2010)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Card Maven - Etsy Feature

Crystal: I think I've found my new spot for greeting cards!! I do love going to Hallmark and browsing through hundreds of cards to find the perfect one, but this shop has got some super cute options as well, and even after shipping cost just about the same as a Hallmark one (the nice ones at least!) they're unique, which I LOVE.

I mean seriously, look at how cute this is! And only $2.45!

Oh, and don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up (May 9)!! Check out this one:

And even beautiful sympathy cards...butterflies are a beautiful symbol when faced with the loss of a loved one...

Have fun browsing. :)

Jen: These cards are too adorable! You can tell she puts a lot of time into them. I love this vintage card the best I think!

(#3 - April 29, 2010)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Food Revolution

Jen: Thanks to Alyssa Milano, who is the world's best Tweeter, I signed this petition yesterday. I fully back this movement because after working in the public school system, I can vouch for the crap they feed our kids. It's awful. You can tell by their stinky little toxic farts after lunch. It smells just like the poison "burgers" they scarfed down with ketchup colored corn-syrup. Super gross.

Jamie Oliver is a God-send, and I think he's pretty brave for standing up to Americans and challenging them to feed their kids nutritious food! This petition is meant to supplement his current TV special, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC. After his special is over, he's going to take the petition to the White House to prove that Americans are taking a stand against garbage food in schools.

This shouldn't be a difficult feat seeing as how Michelle Obama is all about natural foods. When she moved into the White House, she planted a massive garden and allows local children to come garden with her. To me, that's walking the walk. Food Network even had a special Iron Chef America episode where the chefs had to use fresh veggies from the White House garden as their secret ingredient!

Please take a quick moment to sign this petition for the health of our kids, and our country!

Crystal: LoL - I'm still laughing at "stinky little toxic farts"! That was a great line.

I suppose if I ate better myself, I might care more about what they serve in school....and I suppose when Caydan is actually in school and eating in the cafeteria, I'll care more then as well....but as of now, this isn't a topic that's even crossed my mind yet. But soon enough I'll have more to say about it I'm sure. :)

That is really awesome though about Mrs. Obama having the local kids come and garden with awesome would that be to say you gardened with the First Lady???

Heartworks By Lori- Etsy Feature

Jen: I've been a long-time adorer of Heartworks By Lori "art lockets"! What makes her work so unique is that she collaborates with other artists and turns their art into jewelry. The designs embedded in her lockets are miniature versions of paintings and photography prints!

Heartworks By Lori has worked with two of my favorite Etsy artists, A Black Apple and Irene Suchocki. To have an opportunity to buy my favorite images in print and in accessories is priceless to a fan like me :)

Crystal: Oh how fun! Maybe one day she'll want to put some of my photos on jewelry...I don't take any landscape/object pics right now, but someday I plan to branch out to that. :)

(#2 - April 28, 2010)


Crystal: "Women who do not dress modestly... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, increases (consequently) earthquakes." - Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi

Really? That quote is going to show up on some comic strip somewhere down the line...if it hasn't yet already.

I remember reading the inital quote when it was first said...and I remember actually laughing at how silly it sounded...I don't want to step on anyone else's beliefs...but it just seems like such a far stretch to somehow hold someone accountable for natural disasters...and women at that.

Then I saw this event on the news the other day:

"Cleavage for Science"

Basically a bunch of women standing around and flaunting their cleavage to prove that it doesn't cause earthquakes.

I find this all a little smile-worthy...although interesting as the article points out there was a large earthquake in Taiwan around this same time that the protest was going on.

Besides, if this was all true, wouldn't Las Vegas be riddled with earthquakes on a daily basis? Just sayin'.... :)

Jen: It reminds me of a conversation I had with someone recently who insisted that the Haitians brought their quake upon themselves by practicing voodoo. I mean, seriously? And you know what their argument was?! "Well, look at the name of their country! Haiti, as in Hell."

No, sir. Haiti is NOT the same as Hades.

Crystal: That conversation actually happened with someone you know???  Wow...that's a far fetch.  And seriously... Haiti/Hades??...probably a good idea to actually know what you're talking about when you make such bold statements.

Photo: Daily Chili

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Beachy Keen feature!!! Daily Etsy Shop feature

Crystal: I just talked this over with my trusty partner, Jen...and we think this is going to be fun! She absolutely loves Etsy and is constantly browsing through the shops....I don't get on as much as her, but when I have the time, I find myself perusing as well.

We always find such fun stuff, but don't always have someone to share these great finds we decided to do a new feature on this blog - Daily Etsy Shop Feature (maybe we'll come up with a more creative title as this goes on though!).

Each day, we'll take turns posting some of our favorite items from an Etsy should be interesting to see what we post too, because Jen and I, while very similar in many things, are also very different in terms of what interests us. You'll probably notice a trend as the days go on. :)

We hope that you'll like this new feature and find some awesome new stuff for yourself from our finds as well! :)

So I'm going first - Jen will post her feature tomorrow. :)

Etsy Feature #1 - April 27, 2010
I actually came across this site yesterday as I was researching how I could make my own tutus for my photography business...I came across these pettiskirts and loved the photos.....and the pettiskirts! Aren't they just beautiful??

I love all the fluff in them...they look super soft and just completely girly. I don't have a little girl, but if I did - she would be wearing one of these just for the fun of it!

Check out all the colors!

And if you'd like to venture into your own pettiskirt making (which I let that idea go pretty quickly once I realized that I couldn't even keep up with the directions on one site I read)...she also sells pre-cut strips of chiffon (the super fluffy part of the pettiskirts!).

Pettiskirt Lingerie Nylon Chiffon Fabric Rolls - $17.50 for 60 yards

Happy shopping! :)

Jen: Umm, can I have one?! I'd happily clean my house in one of these! Perhaps my little niece, Zoey, will have to have one ;)

How cute would it be to have a tutu party for a little girl??? I'm keeping my fingers crossed my own little girl one day!


Crystal: So, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars at all....but I saw some highlights on Fox 11 news this morning from last night's airing....I hadn't realized that Nicole Scherzinger was on this season...isn't that unfair to the other contestants??? She's in a girl group who is pretty much known for their dancing (Pussycat Dolls)....yea, they sing too....but they're more known for being entertainers versus singers.

How do you throw into a dancing competition, a professional dancer (who is drop-dead gorgeous by the way), and a bunch of others who if anything have just done it for fun on the side. I mean, Nicole Scherzinger vs Kate Gosselin or Shannen Doherty...or Buzz Aldrin?? I guess Kristi Yamaguchi would go under the "experienced" category too, although dancing on ice and dancing on stage are a bit different.

It just seems very weighted on one end...

Again, I haven't watched the show, so I don't know how well Nicole is actually doing, but I would bet she's doing pretty well....please fill me in if I'm incorrect though.

Jen: I'm not a huge fan (my mom is!) but I've caught bits and pieces this season because I was interested in Kate Gosselin. My very first thought was that the choice to extend an offer to Nicole Scherzinger was SO wrong! This is what she's known for! That makes it unfair, but even more importantly for the success of their show, uninteresting!

Again, I don't really watch the show so I can't say for sure, but is there enough room for
Scherzinger to grow to keep audiences tuned in? I couldn't care less about the show now that Doherty and Gosselin are gone.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaway

Jen: I just wanted to let everyone over here know that there's a great giveaway on my other blog until 4/18! Lisa Leonard Designs is offering a $50 gift certificate to one lucky Haute Whimsy reader!

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