Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Curse of the Valentine

JH: Year after year, Joe and I have great hopes of fantastic Valentine's Days. How silly of us. If it isn't one thing, it's another. This was our 6th V-day together, and it was spent waking up with a shoulder injury that had me in tears, being stranded at home, walking to and from an auto parts store for 2 1/2 hours, attempting to fix our cursed car to no avail, and it ended with a sprained foot! All of this in lue of a fabulous day at Disneyland with wine tasting and fireworks. Thank God Joe and I are so easygoing!

CH: It's so crazy because I remember you saying the night before how you two have a reputation for bad V-days....crappy luck I guess. :( Sorry to hear about your shoulder - is it the same injury from work?? I thought it was better?

And what happened to borrowing a working car?? I thought that was all set up already?

And how the heck did you sprain your foot?

Dan and I are going to Disneyland the day after Caydan's birthday party (Sunday) to celebrate if you want to join. :) :)

JH: Haha! So many questions ;) Well, my shoulder does act up from time to time now. I can't close the trunk of the car without it popping out of place. I know, ick! And when I sleep on that side it tends to hurt in the morning. (One might think that the solution would be to not sleep on that side ... duh! But you never know how much you toss and turn at night until you can feel it in the morning) But never have I felt pain like I did on Saturday morning, even when the injury was new. I think I freaked Joe out pretty bad! He tried to talk me into going to urgent care, but I refused. This wouldn't have been the first time I spent Valentine's Day in urgent care due to this shoulder.

As for the car, we will not speak of it. I am just going to wait "patiently" for the new car to get here :)

If you can imagine the route from my place to Michael's, which is next to the auto parts store, you might know that there are lots of streets between here and there that don't have sidewalks. I didn't feel anything happen to my foot at the time, but later that night it hurt really bad (and still hurts!) I must have misstepped along the way.

I'll e-mail you about Disneyland :)

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