Thursday, February 12, 2009

Send Out Cards

CH: Have you heard of Send Out Cards before? This would probably be a great tool for Autism Prose down the line...a friend of mine uses it and highly recommends it. He also gets a commission for signing people up with the program, so he's big on promoting it.

Here's a link he just sent me on YouTube where it was featured in this show (which actually might be something to look into for your company as well!) -

I've seen the interface before and it looks pretty simple to use...very convenient. I assume it's similar to what say you dentist's office uses to send out little Snoopy greeting cards that say it's time to come in for your yearly check-up or whatever. But then you can also use it for personal things........

For example, Jeff (that's my friend that uses it) always sends us birthday postcards with pictures of their kids or Caydan's pictures that they's a great way to personalize a card and to let someone know you're thinking about them.

Plus, I believe you can set it up on you could set all your birthdays up with different cards at one time, and then throughout the year it will just automatically send it to everyone when you have set the alarm for...........

Pretty spiffy marketing tool if I say so myself....I told him that when my photography business is absolutely booming and I can't handle the follow-up volume on my own, then I will definitely sign up with Send Out Cards as I think it's wonderful. :)

JH: I just checked out Send Out Cards, and I'm hooked! That was SO awesome! The card I made had the cutest font and I was able to add a picture inside to personalize it! Pretty brilliant idea if I do say so myself! I agree that it had the potential to be a great business tool!

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