Thursday, February 26, 2009


CH: I just wanted to say....that I am looking forward to this next two weeks...although I will be completely exhausted and brain-dead from the constant go-go-go.....

We're making a birthday weekend for Caydan....tomorrow night we're going to take him out to dinner at BJ's so we can get a Pizookie for dessert (or maybe that's really for me??) - then to a movie to see Coraline because he can't stop talking about seeing it. :)

Then Saturday is his birthday's gonna be the biggest yet I think...I've got an RSVP count of about 44 I think.........counting parents, etc. We'll see how good I really am at this whole party planning thing after this I guess.

Saturday night we'll probably hang at home and watch a movie....relax....

Sunday we are going to Disneyland bright and early for the day...then I'm coming home and making a billion cupcakes for him to take to school Monday for his actual b-day....this will be my first cupcake making experience...wish me luck. :)

Monday on his actual birthday we'll take him out to dinner somewhere....have them sing Happy Birthday and bring ice cream or something - probably see if my fam wants to join....

Wednesday is our TCF meeting...

Thursday is packing night....

Friday is our CRUUUUUISE!!! Sooooo excited....

Then Monday we get off our cruise at 8:30am or then we're gonna go to Disneyland for the rest of the day. :) :) :)

And back to work on Tuesday.

So if I am completely loopy the next couple of weeks...this is why. :)

JH: Yeah, that's pretty intense! I have to warn you though, you are going to be exhausted Monday morning. Cruises really take it out of you! You may want to rethink that Disneyland trip! And be prepared for some dizziness the week you get back. Most people tend to feel like they're on a rocking boat once they're back on land- especially in the shower! It took me two weeks to acclimate. It's so strange because you don't really have this feeling on the ship, only when you're back to your normal life!

I'm looking forward to Caydan's party! It seems like just yesterday that we were partying at that park with my little brothers. My, how time flies ;)

CH: Thanks for the heads up about the cruise and dizziness, etc.......I hadn't even thought about that...didn't really know it was a possibility actually. :) I guess we'll just play it by ear....knowing me, I'll just push on through - but not sure how Dan and Caydan will be....I'm sure Caydan will be the same as me, but Dan may have some issues because I don't think he's looking forward to going in the first place, lol. :)

And I totally remember your brother's party there....funny i didn't even realize it was the same park when we re-discovered it last year.....then when we walked around it I was like - hey...this is familiar....oh this is where Jen's brother had a birthday party!! :)

I'm soooo excited....Caydan is just have to see him. I really need to start taking more videos because he is just too darn cute right now. Maybe I'll work on that tonight - give my old camera something useful to do (record).

JH: I love all the videos you used to do. I think you should totally get back into it. And they make for such great gifts for family! I want to get a video camera soon. I look back on my time with Joe and am saddened that we don't have any videos. We've done so many cool things and have had so much fun! Pictures are great, but videos are awesome too :)

CH: Pictures are a great treasure to have.....Blanca and I went to Cori's funeral yesterday....absolutely beautiful service - highly emotional on so many levels - even for me and I didn't really know her at all...and there was a lady there that must be a friend of Cori's who played guitar and sang a couple of songs and she was just amazing - she should have a record deal by now, seriously......but anyways, I'm getting off-track.....

They showed a slideshow towards the end with a bunch of pictures and songs (it brought back so many memories of Avery's reception too...) and mixed in with everything were a few videos of Cori talking...and it was just such a gift for her family to have those videos of her to treasure forever.................even though videos are so much harder to watch than it is to look at pictures.........I still can't watch any videos of Avery to this day, it's just too hard - but I always look at his pictures..................

So with that in mind - it makes me sad that I don't have more videos of Caydan - I want to have those things to treasure no matter what happens.....I really need to get on this and quit dragging my feet about it..............we can't find the charger for our camera though. :(

JH: My mom is the same way with pictures and videos of us from our childhood. I know she's glad she has them, but she falls to pieces watching them because she misses the times that have passed. Still, just knowing that they're there is a comfort.

Have you tried contacting the company that made your video camera? I'm sure you can get a new charger easily!

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