Friday, February 27, 2009

Child Beauty Queens

CH: Interesting mini-article with comments that I just came across - because I believe you and I were just briefly talking about this the other day....

I'm still not sure how I feel about it......

Someone in the comments mentioned the swimsuit competition section bordering on child an outsider with no knowledge of how this works - I can definitely see this point....I'm sure there are many sickos out there who attend these or look at these types of pics for their disgusting thrills - and as a parent, supplying these things to these people (knowledgeable or not) would just be too much for me.....I'm sure the parents have no intentions such as this, but it's something to always consider.

Overall - I just find it kinda creepy to look at this beautiful little 5, 6, 7, etc year old girl - and see her looking like she's 16. As a parent, I would want to relish every age my child hits - and save the 16 year old phase for when she's actually 16.

My 2 cents of course. :)

JH: I scanned the article, and the pic of family of five girls wasn't too bad. But according to the specials I've seen on this subject, most of these little girls are made to look like little Dolly Partons. Why would a parent want to do that to their child???

I think back to Jonbenet Ramsy and get mega creeps. Her mother was a former beauty queen and that made her think it was okay to have her daughter follow in her footsteps. Whether it was the parents are some random sicko who tortured and killed that little girl, it seems to be someone who got their kicks from a little "grown up" child.

I personally think these pagents should be banned. If nothing else, it's a breeding ground for furture self-involved wastes of space.

My 2 cents ;)

CH: LoL - so harsh...'wastes of space'... :) I can see how the pageants may teach people some lessons.....poise, manners, etiquette, showmanship, etc.....but I think good old fashioned parenting can probably achieve the same outcome with less of the negative results. :)

It just creeps me out a bit and I don't think that it's the best environment for a child to be raised in.....I think playgrounds and My Gym are much better options personally. :) :)

Speaking of which - I'm excited - I've decided to become much more involved in Torrance in general, starting with participating in some of the classes that they offer at the Civic the first one I'm going to do is a class similar to My Gym, but a fraction of the cost for Torrance residents....and me and Caydan will go and have some mommy/Caydan bonding time. :) :) I'm really doesn't start for a few months though.

Dan is going to take some camera classes there....they're super cheap for like an 8 week course or something like show you the basics of using your digital camera, functions, settings, etc. Then eventually he wants to take a Photoshop class there too...I want to take some advanced Photoshop classes, but they're so darn expensive. :(

You should take something there with me - like the Salsa class or something like that.... :) :)

JH: I'm totally down for a Salsa class! I almost signed up last year actually. I think it's great that you and Caydan have an opportunity for more bonding time! You'll have to tell me all about the classes since I'm not a mommy yet :)

I know we've talked about this in the past, but I want to reiterate here that I fully believe that people need to take advantage of what their communities have to offer. In these times of economic stress and the general apathy of our society, we should all be taking advantage of the community efforts. Get to know your neighbors! Be a part of something tight-knit. You have an opportunity to enhance your community, and in turn enhance your life.

CH: I so agree!! I was just telling Dan a few weeks ago when a bunch of people were starting to move into all the open apartments in our building - that we should start a Welcome Wagon type thing in our building.....all of our doors face each other, so we're constantly seeing each other, and it's awkward to not know everyone that you live so close to.....

I'm too shy though - I would totally make a cake or a plate of cookies or something old school and bring it over to say hi...but I just feel silly - like they'd look at me like I was crazy or something!! LoL

Sometimes I wish I lived back in the old days. :) Although I think Blanca said their neighbors welcomed them when they moved in to their house...I think someone brought them something...but I guess it's different when you buy a house - you know you'll be living next to each other for a long time. :)

JH: It would be hilarious if anyone tried that where I live! Everyone here is SO snobby or weird. I've come across a few cool people, but they tend to move. Seriously, the elevator experience here is a nightmare. Everyone practically holds their breath and looks down, then bolt when the doors open. It's so uncomfortable that I tend to take the stairs just so I don't have to experience the confinement with them, which only adds to the problem as a whole. I would be more than happy to welcome newbies, but I haven't even seen who my next door neighbors are. I think they moved in around Thanksgiving!

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