Friday, February 13, 2009


CH: This type of story makes me so think that this is happening in our very own city.

We live in a world where an African American person is our President. And we live in a democratic this person was ELECTED into office. Obviously those who have a problem with this are severely outnumbered. Quit fighting it and make the most of what you have.

Be thankful for your families and their health as well as yours. Be thankful that you have a job (if applicable) and if you don't have a job, be thankful that we live in a KIND society where our neighbors help each other out...that is, if you didn't just spraypaint "NAZI" and swasticas on their cars and garages!

Ridiculous. And so sad.

JH: Who knows if there is any rhyme or reason behind the vandals in this case. It didn't quite add up, which leads me to think it was probably just a bunch of dumb kids. In any case, it's unacceptable and sad that even in West Torrance people have to be wary.

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