Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take 1...

CH: So Jen...what number venture are we on now...? Maybe 342 or so...? I think this is one of our best ideas yet....although I suppose the public can let us know how much it sucks...but hopefully they'll tell us how amusing we are...or ridiculous perhaps....?

JH: So Crystal ;) I don't think we're ridiculous at all! Personal opinion though! If not venture #342, then very close. Jeeze, what schemes and ideas have we run though over the years?! The Secretly Blue "brand" was the most legendary of the bunch by far. That encompassed jewelry and trinket boxes. But we also had our famous yard sales! We made so much off of those! I think it pretty much funded everything we did in high school!

CH: Trinket boxes! That reminds me (or maybe it was the same thing?) of the EMPTY boxes that we tried to sell to people.....GREAT idea...funny when you really think about it....it's amazing we're not rich already...what the heck is taking so long??

JH: Yep, same thing. But ... but ... we glittered them up! Making them completely valuable and quite the hot commodity of course! I believe that we'll be rich one day. Not money, but making money, has always been too much of a thrill for us to not be rich, lol! It's just something that we never grew out of ... thankfully!

CH: By the way...I let Dan in on our new ventureS and he thinks they're awesome...both of them...woo hoo :)

JH: Excellent! I'm curious to see what Joe says. I know he supports the blog, as his following proves!

Contributors: Crystal Henning and Jennifer Harbourn; http://beachykeencity.blogspot.com/


Ashley said...

You girls are awesome! I love it!

BabyBlue723 said...

Thanks Ashley!! :) :)

Jennifer Harbourn said...

We're entertaining (to ourselves) if nothing else ;)


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