Wednesday, February 11, 2009


CH: Why are my fingers always so darn cold? Everything else is "ok" right now, but my fingers are like long ice cubes and it hurts to type...yet I'm still here blogging away...............

Are you looking forward to Lost tonight? Or are you DVR-ing it and watching it another day??

And I am super excited about CSI night...2 more days!! other thing. Dan is just going to buy his F13th movie ticket you want to just get Joe's online too and that way we don't have to worry about money exchange or anything? Might make it easier.........I don't know the showtimes yet, but I'll look it up when we get back from Target (if we ever come back that is) :)

JH: Lost tends to be the highlight of my week! I can't wait!!! Have you ever checked out It's intense! I lost 4 hours of my life on there last Thursday! Everything you've ever wanted to know, and more!

As for the cold fingers, you know me. I'm ALWAYS cold! Especially my right hand, a.k.a. mouse hand. Thankfully, my laptop is warm, so typing thaws me out! By the way, I've been living in my cute cupcake slippers that I bought from you last year! Go Avon!

CH: I have not tried some point I will, but for now I kind of like the suspense and confusion of not really knowing what's going on nor fully understanding everything. I figure at some point it will all make sense, and I don't want to figure it out ahead of I'm worried that something I read, or a commentary, is going to spoil it for me and point out something the average watcher won't catch. :)

And I'm so happy to hear you are making use of your Avon slippers!!! I need new slippers.....I have some Dan got me awhile back, but the bottoms are hard so they're like outdoor slippers I the slippers you wear to go get the newspaper or something. :) I want some super soft ones I can curl up on the couch with. :)

JH: Have you ever heard of NAP brand blankets before? They are truly the most amazing blankets ever. I have never felt such comfort before! I have the large blanket, which was $100. They also have throw blankets, socks and robes, and possibly slippers. You can get these at Brookstone! Gotta go ... Lost is on!

CH: I Don't know what that it like those super thick squishy blankets that they make for babies? The brand that comes to mind is Barefoot (Barefoot Dreams maybe??) - I can't remember the whole name. I remember someone got Avery one when he was a baby...and I think my aunt said that she knew the ppl who started it...I LOVE those blankets and want a giant one for me. :)

Anyways - I don't even know if they're even the same....but I love blankets....I always want to buy them when we're at the store...but they're so darn expensive.

Our next purchase is a slipcover for the sofa and loveseat....we figure, why buy a new sofa and loveseat when you can just buy a slipcover and pretty pillows and make it look like a whole new set?? :) But they're super expensive too!


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