Tuesday, March 3, 2009


CH: I came across this event in my email awhile ago and just now got around to posting it....but something interesting I found. :) :)


When it was actually emailed to me, they had an event happening locally to us - but this was back in Nov or Dec I think and since I'm so behind in my email - I didn't see it til recently...........but maybe one day it will come back....

Probably not for me because I'm just not that creative when it comes to clothes...I'm a pretty simple black, white, blue, and sometimes a splash of purple or green kinda clothes person.....but maybe you might find it more interesting than I. :) Or maybe someone else reading this....

So I guess the concept is - you bring a bag of old clothes you don't want anymore - this is your admission....then you go through tables full of clothes, pick out some things you like - or maybe you just like the fabrics....then you go on down the line to some volunteer sewers and they help you create your masterpiece. Whether it's simple hemming or something like that, or cutting out a whole new design from the fabric to make your own bellbottoms, purse, scarf, or whatever you want I guess...........

It's neat - because perhaps I might be able to come up with an idea, but I can't sew to save my life....so having volunteers there that can sew would make all the difference. :)

JH: Interesting concept! Fixing a slight tear or unraveling is the extent of my sewing expertise, so this is definitely not for me. But perhaps something I would have been interested in when I was a teen.

I think it's hilarious (and slightly insane!) that you go through your spam mail! I don't know if you said this was from your spam folder, but I think something you talked about on here recently was. I wish I had more patience for my e-mail in general. I can barely get through my inbox as it is!

CH: I found that I came across so many interesting things when I read all my junk mail...being entrepreneurs ourselves, it's always great to read about other people's ideas and successes...it gives me momentum!!

My inbox was at 1000 - it's been at 1000 for a long time now...and AOL's max is 1000...so I would read a few every day, but not enough, and my inbox was always full so mail was always getting sent back to people that emailed me....it was fine for my photography biz cause I use a different email, but my Avon biz uses this email and who knows what was getting kicked back....

So before I went on my cruise last week I realized I needed a solution because I couldn't check my email in Mexico....then it dawned on me....I could move ALL of my inbox into a Saved Folder so I can read it all later!! Duh!

So I did - and now my Saved Mail is at like 1040 or something....it's going to take me ages to get through it all...I think I'm still reading stuff from back in November now. :) :)

Well I will do the hard work for both of us and read through all my email and then just come here and share the interesting things I find. :) :)

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