Thursday, February 12, 2009

For Shame (part 2)

CH: I had to start a new post because the other one was having issues and the formatting kept screwing instead of wrestling with it, I decided to start anew.

Anyways - OK - thanks for the background because now it makes a ton more sense to me, and if all that you say is true, then I completely agree.

As a mother, I feel it would be horrible to be told that I shouldn't consider ever having more children because one/some of my children have autism.....BUT - that would just be selfish on my behalf if I was purposefully putting future children at risk of a condition that was harmful to them in any way. I would be bringing additional children into this world for my own selfish reasons, and obviously not for the child(ren).

So I get it...and I wonder what was going through her head...just another case of someone that makes no sense and I may never understand why they do the things they do...

Why can't everyone just be "normal"?? :) :)

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