Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pirate Games...

CH: I need some ideas for party games for Caydan's birthday party...simple games for all ages (teeny tiny to bigger)...and that are completely budget friendly.

And I need to figure out how to make pirate flags...it's a craft for the kids...I have paper, plenty of stuff to decorate with...but not sure how to make the "flag poles"...I thought at first - shishkabob sticks...then realized that's a dumb item to give to a 2-5 year old...then Dan suggested popsicle sticks...but they're not long enough...I bought a bunch of colorful pipe cleaner thingies, but they're not sturdy enough...........thoughts?

And any ideas on something fun to do with about 100 colorful pipe cleaners?

JH: Referring back to my short wedding cake stint, I think you can use dowels (wooden sticks that you insert into the cake to strengthen the structure.) There's a cake supply shop in Old Torrance that probably sells them.

CH: Are they safe for 2-5 year olds? And I don't remember this wedding cake stint....?

JH: So long as they keep them at the table. They're about the thickness of a straw, with flat ends. Not a good idea to run with them, but they won't easily stab like skewers would!

Yeah, I had a thing for wedding cakes a few years ago! Damn Food Network challenges! My first and only cake was a joint effort with Tanya for Morgan's birthday when I first met her. It was a 3-tiered near-masterpiece ;) I actually went to that cake store I mentioned up there and bought an entire set of pans, piping tools and a cake stand. It was stupid and pricey. And yet, whenever I see a cake challenge on Food Network, or watch Ace of Cakes, I have the desire to pull out those pans again! Joe hates them because they really don't fit anywhere, but I can't stand the thought of getting rid of them.

CH: I love those cake shows on tv! Especially the ones where they make the insanely artistic cakes that no one would ever eat....and to think that the climax of the whole show is on whether they can move the cake from one table to another without it breaking...the things that amuse people! :)

Maybe Chantal can give you some cake lessons sometime...she seems super talented in that area! The equipment is super expensive, and I totally know how you feel (and Joe) about storing everything....I have so much crap too that Dan is not happy about having to store....

And I have an obsession with Target dishes...I HAVE to look at the ones on display everytime we go, and ooh and ahh about how pretty they are! Once in awhile I'll buy a couple plates or bowls...but I have to contain myself because eventually I'll have cupboards full of mismatched dishes that will only result in a sink full of dirty dishes that never get washed because we have more....

JH: Chantal actually offered to do a couple cakes with me, but I lost the ambition before taking her up on it. And I get the dish thing. I'm the same when it comes to Cost Plus. And I love stemware! I guess I should cool it though, because I just finished all of my dishes and have just enough room for what I currently own. Perhaps if I had a courier cabinet to hold my tea pots I'd have enough room! Hmm, I'm adding "courier cabinet" to my wish list!

CH: I've never heard of a courier cabinet...the things one learns throughout their day......or is that like a "curio" cabinet...? I'm probably spelling it wrong and it's all the same... I love anything that allows me to organize and display my obsessions. :)

JH: Curio is exactly what I meant! Ooops!

CH: By the way...I was re-reading this and I realized that I may have sounded like I was saying that Chantal should give you cake lessons because you don't know what you're doing. But I wanted to clarify that I just know she's done a lot and so maybe she has some cool pointers. :) :)

JH: Silly girl! I didn't take it that way at all! It's just a testament to Chantal's awesome cake skills!


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Jamie Marie said...

Straws for the flags. tape the flag around the straws and use it as a decoration for there cups. Perhaps even write the childrens names on the flag so they know what up is theirs.

For your pipe cleaners try this site.


Jamie Marie said...


Avery James Photography said...

I think we had considered the straws originally, but decided they weren't long enough...but if we can't figure anything out, we'll just have to make the paper smaller and use the straws after all. :)

And I'll have to google some pipe cleaner projects, I'm sure there's a ton of stuff...but the link you put wouldn't work for me when I copied and pasted it.....

Thanks for all your ideas!


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