Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TV Please?

CH: Have you watched The Wire before? Do you like shows like that? It's basically set in Baltimore in the projects and based around a gangster drug dealing kingpin and his peoples. :) :) It's a really good show if you like that sort of stuff...kinda like The Sopranos in the Projects...? We're about to watch our next episode right now...it's addicting. :)

JH: I actually didn't know much about The Wire until just now, but I loved The Sopranos so I would probably like it. I'm in a mega-TV mood these days. TV on DVD that is. I really need to upgrade my Netflix!

I'm just super excited for the premiere of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse on Fox. Apparently it's going to be his last television project because he continuously butts heads with the networks and is sick of it. He did so well with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog during the writer's strike that he plans on going that route from now on. Interesting.

CH: I have no idea what Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is....I guess I should check it out? Hooray for Joss though...without him, I would not know Mr. Borreanaz and my teenage hero Buffy. :)

I only seen short previews of Dollhouse...didn't catch my attention besides the fact that what's-her-name is in it from Buffy....I think Joss has a crush on her considering this is his 2nd show he's given her, right? :) :) If it's not on dvd yet though, I probably won't watch it.....

I've decided that tv on dvd is the only way to go...commercials suck to sit through...and I hate cliffhangers...I need to know what's going to happen next as soon as the last episode is over! :)

Was that Doogie Howser on that Sing Along Blog thing?

JH: I have to agree with the TV on DVD movement! I love pummeling through a whole season of a show over the coarse of a lazy weekend. I rarely watch TV in bed, but I will make an exception for this genre.

If you go back and watch all of Joss' shows, you will see tons of reoccurring characters. In fact, one of the characters in the sing-along blog has been in Buffy and Firefly! And yes, NPH (Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Howser) is the star of the blog. Allow me to quickly endorse the greatest show of all-time, How I Met Your Mother! He's in that too, along with Allison Hannigan. It all comes full circle ;)

Note: It's a goal of mine to meet NPH. Joe's sister sees him at lunch all the time because she works at Fox studios, so it's a definite possibility!

CH: NPH...like old buddies :) I still haven't watched How I Met Your Mother either...someday. Love Ms. Hannigan...although the transition from Willow to Band Camp girl was a bit strange for me...

Can I correct your spelling? I'm actually in shock you didn't catch it...but you wrote 'coarse'...when you probably by now know it should be 'course'......gasp....Jennifer had a spelling error. :)

And I wrote this but I think you posted over it...we're doubling up. :) You can change your font color if you want...I just picked it for no reason... :)

JH: *GASP* I will be more careful from now on! For shame, self! My typing fingers just got carried away :)

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