Friday, February 20, 2009

Lucid Dreams

JH: I have been a "lucid dreamer" for years, but never had a term for it until Joe came along. He suffers from insomnia and knows everything from A to Z about sleep and dreaming. Anyway, I don't have these dreams on a nightly basis, but they occur quite often. I wish I could remember my dream from last night so I could better explain, but I've already forgotten :( Do you have lucid dreams, Crystal?

P.S. Can you see that "lucid dreamer" is linked? It's just showing up as regular text on my end.

CH: I have never had a lucid dream, I don't think at least...that sounds so weird....maybe I have though and just don't remember know how bad my memory is when I'm awake - just imagine when I'm sleeping! :)

I didn't know there was a term for it. Leave it to smart :)

And it doesn't show as a link (i.e. underlined) but it does link and show the underline if you put your mouse over it...not sure why it does that...I noticed it before on other links you posted too..... :(

P.S. Sorry I'm a slacker lately with the is BUSY so no time here - Friday night I hung out with Blanx, Saturday at the crack of dawn I had a photoshoot, Saturday day I was with Caydan, Saturday night I went out with some friends for a birthday dinner downtown L.A., Sunday I took Caydan to a kid's birthday party at My Gym, and Sunday afternoon and night we went to the cemetary and then to my Grandpa's to hang out and do laundry....and still had time to come home and watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - EXCELLENT movie!!

And now it's Monday - I'm working - and I've been busy since I got here. :(

JH: No worries! I'm pretty slacky this week too. I've just been so busy with everything else. It's time that I found some balance!

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