Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday the 13th

CH: I'm going to buy Dan's ticket for the Friday 13th movie for tomorrow night...there's a 9:00pm and a 10:25pm showing at the Del Amo AMC...which one do you think is better so that Joe can get his hair cut?

Here's the link:

Are you going to get Joe's ticket today too so it doesn't sell out?

JH: Oops, I responded to this via e-mail, as it went there before I saw the post. You'll have to forgive me- the migraine finally hit :( I'm in no condition to be on the computer today, lol! Alas, I have blogs to post, a web site to finish, as well as a children's book to rewrite. Joe is always saying that I don't know how to relax!

CH: I know exactly what you mean....I'm a true workaholic.... :(

Crappy about the migraine :(

And I think Dan is going to have to go to the theater to get the ticket after all b/c the site charges a $1 service fee unless you have a Movie Watcher card and I just signed up for it and it says it takes a few days to get your member number to I don't feel like hassling with it....Dan can pick up Joe's ticket (unless you decide to still get it online?)

JH: If he doesn't mind picking it up, that sounds easiest.

CH: Dan got the tix last night...9pm. But I'm guessing there's going to be a line to get in just to get good Dan might go ahead of time if Joe isn't ready around 8:30pm I'm guessing....we'll just play it by ear I suppose. :)

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