Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What the heck is this world coming to?

CH: I know this isn't the first story of its kind...but this is the first one that has had any connection to me personally...

I have experienced death in a way that I hope no one ever has to (although I know that is unrealistic to hope for) with my son's passing...but I have never experienced murder.

I read stories in the paper and watch the news everyday...I see all kinds of murder stories, from the gruesome to the gruesomer....and they all bother me.....but when I open a link and see the face of someone I have met before staring back at me...and then read a story where it is plain as day that this beautiful woman was murdered...it just hits me somewhere deep.

Here's the article for anyone reading already not aware:

I didn't know her personally, but we went to the same high school...she was a year ahead of me....and I know some of the people that were in her inner circle. I do remember her vividly, and I remember her bright smile. It's been over 10 years since I've even heard her name mentioned, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't still chill me to the bone to think of this horrible incident.

The first thought that came to my mind was that this could have been anyone that I knew....what if it was someone in my inner circle of friends...what if it was a member of my family....and then I started thinking about her story...about what she was doing when this happened, the fear, the pain, everything............then anxiety kicks in just thinking about this.

It makes me neauseous to think about it......and my deepest and sincerest condolences and heart go out to her family....to her mother, her father, everyone around her...........

This pain is different than the pain I've felt before...this pain that I feel for her family is one of such magnitude because I know that the thoughts that ran through my head upon hearing of this story, are felt three-fold by those who knew her closely....

Today, it's not a "Beachy Keen" world...today it's a somber and dark world....and I'm so disappointed in the sickness that lives inside some people.

JH: My stomach dropped when I heard this earlier today. I didn't know her, I couldn't picture her, but I vaguely remembered her from high school. That's enough to hit close to home.

It made me think of her family and her friends. Did she have children? A husband? Who is grieving right now? It makes me nauseous to think that in some way killing this young woman made sense to some sicko. Nothing seems to make sense anymore ...

CH: It was crazy to turn on the news last night and every channel has Cori as the top story...I watch the news every day, and I see horrible stories on the news every day...and I have always wondered what it would be like if I knew the person they were talking about - how would I feel?....well this time, the face looking back at me was a familiar face...and it was surreal and heartbreaking.

And then I watched her father talk about his daughter and how much she meant to him...and my heart just broke for him...it brings me to tears just thinking about it....I know the pain of losing a child and I hate to watch someone go through those emotions that I know all too well....

And I wanted to respond to Jamie's comment as well - I totally know the whole "bubble" feeling...I wish so much that I could just go back to a day where I had no worries and life was perfect even though it really wasn't outside of my own little world....

And I don't really remember anything specific about her back in high school...but I do know that most people are completely different people than they were in high school. I know I sure am....so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she probably moved past whatever mean things she had done in her past to you or anyone else, and she probably wouldn't do or say those same things again given another opportunity. :)


Jamie Marie said...

I did know Cori, and I am again at a loss for words. Its almost like I want to go back to being a child living in a bubble that thinks these types of things never really happen.

If I am going to be honest and keep it real.
Cori was horrible to me. She made tons of fun at me. We shared PE together in jr. high. She was very well liked and very out going. She was also a very funny girl.

It sickens me that someone could do this to her or to anyone. Her poor parents.

Jamie Marie said...

oh no doubt I fully agree that she would be a different person as I know I certainly am. And in my blog that I wrote about her I stated things that where great about her.

I remember her vividly at dances at school. She was a very talented girl and it sucks that someone stole her life from her.


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