Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The "You Inspire Me" Project

JH: My friend, Michelle, has started the "You Inspire Me" project. Here's a little Q&A from her blog to get you started:

"Wait, why are you doing this project?

Hello? Cute button! Just kidding. (Kind of.)

Lately, I’ve been realizing the power of paying it forward. There are so many people who inspire me through their words/ideas/style/art/humor/courage/grace/energy/wisdom/whatnot, but because of whatever reason — intimidation, laziness, pride — I don’t make it a point to tell them. I simply admire them from afar. I think it’s finally time for them to know how they’ve touched my life, how they, in some way, push me to be better. Everyone could use a little encouragement now and then.

Cool, I’ll join you.


So who should I be thinking of?

Anyone and everyone who inspires you. These could be people you know, people you sorta know, people you’d like to know.

How do I tell them they inspire me?

However you’d like. You can do this publicly (post a tribute on your blog, write on their Facebook walls, call your local radio station, hire a skywriter — hey, iono) or privately (email them, send a handwritten note, pick up the phone and call). Remember, the more specific you are in your comments, the greater impact you’ll have on the person.

Do I give them this button?

No. This is not an award to bestow upon those who inspire you, but rather your pledge to pass along the compliments."

So I've decided to publicly tell Crystal that she inspires me :)

Crystal, you have amazing ambition and perseverance. You have a kind heart and a desire to make this world a better place. You treat people as you would like to be treated. You love unconditionally. How could you not inspire me?! Thank you for being you!

CH: First of all, how funny, we were both posting a new blog at the same exact time.

2nd of all - you are the absolute best. That is so super sweet of you to write and say...and I'm deeply touched and honored.

As I was reading the Q&A about it, I was thinking - What a neat idea! I'm going to tell Jen how much she inspires me!! And then you did about me...and I realized (even more than I already do) how perfect a team the two of us's like kismet (sp??) but for friends...or business partners. :) :) :)

You are truly the best. And you inspire ME...I was just telling Dan how you are like my twin...sorta...we think alike, but differently. Like, we have different preferences and interests, but on a large scale we are identical. We both get an idea and we want to run with it immediately. We are both very dedicated to seeing the things we do work....and we are both loyal to those who are loyal to us.

And I love that you are my friend, and that you are so open minded and fair, and understanding about everything. There isn't a topic I've ever talked to you about that you haven't just "got"...and I don't need to defend myself or explain just know, and you understand. Even if I'm not right, you still understand.

And you are the type of friend who will truly be there when it's important. I know that no matter what, if me, or anyone for that matter, truly needs something - you would be there to help them. And I love that generosity about you.

You're the best and I'm honored to know you. :)

JH: Aww, that was just about the sweetest thing ever! I just told Joe about the twin theory and he completely agreed :) It's nice having a like-minded friend!

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Helen McGinn said...

Oh my goodness, you guys are just lovely. I miss that kind of friendship. You're very lucky to have each other. Treasure it. It's an honour to 'meet' you both.
Helen xx

Jen said...

Thank you, Helen! I agree that we're lucky :)

It's so nice to meet you as well!


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