Friday, June 5, 2009


Crystal: Another interesting find I just came across in my email that I wanted to share...I love things that let me pay monthly...for whatever reason I feel like I'm getting a deal and also feel less guilty about purchases if I'm able to make payments on something instead of paying in one big chunk....
PLUS - I like things that allow CHANGE...I get bored of things easily so I need variety and I love to be able to create my own variety at the drop of a hat....

So this site I just came across called Maghound is pretty neat-o.

It's like Netflix for magazines pick your tier based on how many magazines a month you want to purchase, pay the monthly fee associated with that amount (starting at $4.95/mo. for 3 magazines), and get your chosen magazines in the mail.

The best part is that you can change your magazine choices online whenever you you've already received Cosmo for a couple of weeks and decide you want to try some Elle instead...just log in to your account and pick a different mag...voila! So you don't have to purchase a whole year's worth of a can pay as you go for the mags you want and get them cheaper than at the grocery you get them delivered to your door right when they come out.

Sounds awesome to me. :)

Only catch is that the "premium" magazines (such as People - one of my faves) cost extra.

According to their FAQs - eventually they will start allowing mags to be shipped to different locations, so at that point you could even split the cost with a friend.

Whenever I get through my mountain of magazines I have piled up, I think I might try this out. :)

Jen: Haha! That's the difference between you and me! You like change; I like collecting! I've saved each and every Harper's Bazaar that I receive and I'm oddly proud of that fact! I want a consistent and complete set of whatever it is that I like.

While I love Netflix because I can quickly watch and get over the "crap" I don't end up liking, I'll still go out and buy my favorite TV shows on DVD because I love having the complete series all to myself. Like Buffy and Angel! It gives me warm fuzzies to look up at my shelf and see every season.

Crystal: Oh but I do love collecting very much....but for some reasons magazines never made it to my list of things I like to collect....kinda like books and movies, I like to "collect" them in my head (translation - I like to read and watch all of them and collect the information in my head) but I know I won't ever go back and read/watch them again (I hate repetition) and so I have no need to keep things like that once I'm done with them....and I also don't have a need to read complete collections of magazines....I prefer a variety of magazines as I get bored with the same ones all the time (unless they're gossip mags like Us or People!)...

But I do like collecting just about everything else.................where on earth do you store all of your magazines??? They take up so much room!

And you could also utilize Maghound by subscribing to one or two of your faves, but then using the 3rd subscription to try different mags every couple of months. :)

Jen: I've been giving Maghound more thought, and I was thinking the same thing- subscribe to 2 of my faves and dabble with the third selection. Like I said before, I have to have Harper's Bazaar. I also like Vogue! But I would love to try out some photography magazines, or even enjoy a month or two of Rolling Stone!

As for my growing magazine collection, it's driving Joe insane! I'm even at the point where I can see his gripe. Not that it changes anything ;) I do need to get some magazine holders though. I plan on putting them in my closet on the very top shelf.

Crystal: LoL - good luck with the magazine storage issue....all solutions are only temporary though, you realize...? Unless you start renting a storage facility, at some point you will run out of room.....sorry to break it to you. :)

I have probably near 100 magazines sitting in a pile in a cupboard at home....I read one cover to cover (even if it's not interesting to me, I feel like I should just saturate my brain with an array of topics regardless of its appeal to me) and when I'm done I throw it away. I'm a few years behind on my magazines (sounds like my email!) so I read articles that are really old....which actually serves as kind of a nostalgic thing, lol. But right now I'm reading an Entertainment Weekly with a collector's cover from Heroes...and I'm so tempted to keep it....but I just don't want to start collecting more "stuff" that I don't have room for. I'd rather save the "room" for something I am more fond figurines, pictures, albums, frames, clothes, etc. :)


Kid Hewison said...

oh wowee. i was popping over to introduce myself and say thanks for following me! and what do i find? maghound. awesome. you may have just changed my life!

Patrice @ The Soap Seduction said...

why did i click this post??? i'm such a magwhore-i'm going cold turkey! okay, i'm lying, i'm going to check it out*-)

Southern Drawl said...

That sounds really cool. I had a ton of National Geographics that I finally ran out of room for... It was so hard giving them away. They were so beautiful.

Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Hopefully they won't end up like my Netflix, pilled up because I don't have the time.
Great find!

otin said...

Speaking of People, I nominated my friend for the "People- all stars among us" honor, and he is one of the finalists! Please, starting Monday, go to and vote for David Vaughn! I hate signing up for mailed items because I end up not cancelling and then get billed for services that I am not using!

maghound alli said...

Hi my name is Alli, and I work for MAGHOUND. Thanks so much for the great blog post about MAGHOUND, we really appreciate it. I am so glad to hear that you are a fan of the service! Please let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to having you on board as a MAGHOUND member!

Brunch at Saks said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Love your blog :)

Kathy G said...

this is a great find , I will check it out.

cabin + cub said...

wow.. never hard of it.. will have to check it out! ;)


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