Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheese Please!

Jen: Kudos to Emily for this amazing find! Crystal, you are going to flip!!!

Good Tastes
is meal delivery and catering company that offers a variety of rich and decedent foods. Everything looks amazing, from their Lemongrass and Ginger Pork Burgers to their Buttermilk Chipotle Chicken. I was also pleasantly surprised by their meal prices! I think their chicken was less than what I would spend at a fast food restaurant.

The bummer: they are based in Boston. If you want to order dinner, you'll have to live in Boston's North Shore.
The perk: They have a Mac & Cheese of the Month Club that ships all over the US! Is it pricey? Yes. Is it worth it? Probably!

I'm tempted to join simply because of the October selection: Pumpkin and Sage Mac & Cheese. Mmm!

Crystal: OK - that picture you put on this post alone is enough to make me drool like a mad woman, lol! I am a mac and cheese FANATIC and this sounds like it was made for me (besides it being expensive and my being a cheap skate!). :)

Sounds like a good gift though :) :) Too bad they're so far! I'm always ordering meals for people at my work and always looking for new places so they don't have to get the same things all the time. We use LA Bite a lot now which delivers food from local restaurants...super pricey though...I wouldn't order through them except on a company budget.

Jen: Joe and I have used LA Bites for dinner a few times, but it is pretty expensive. We use it on especially hard days at work at Sony! I'm not a full-time domestic goddess, so Joe enjoys ordering out when he can!


singaporeshortstories.blogspot.com said...

The cheese are finger-licking great!

Anna said...

OK mac and cheese of the month club sounds amazing. Sign me up!


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