Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Child Quotes

Crystal: I know I haven't responded to any of the other blogs yet (and I will) but I wanted to document a couple of quotes from Caydan last night because I just don't want to forget them (I need to start compiling these somewhere!)....
FYI - for those unaware...Caydan is my 3 year old son :)

(Scenario: We are at Disneyland for my bday and Dan, Michelle, and I want to go on the Tower of Terror ride...since the park is almost closing they let Caydan go in line with us and we do a child swap at the ride itself instead of waiting he sees us get on. The whole time in line he's talking about how scary the ride is, etc etc....when he sees us get on the ride and that he has to stay behind with Dan he gets REALLY upset and starts crying and says he wants to ride...which obviously he can't because he's too little!
When I get off the ride I go to him and tell him that he's too little and that he has to grow taller so that he can ride it....)
Caydan's response: But I eat all of my tacos!!

This one is just so sweet it made both Dan and I cry last night:
(Scenario: Dan received some extremely upsetting news last night from his family back in Pennsylvania....he was really upset and crying for quote awhile....Caydan would keep going to him and just sitting with him and being really quiet...we went to bed after awhile and Caydan was sleeping with us...I turned out the light and when it was really quiet Caydan says...)
Caydan:Dada, I'm sorry I was a bad boy

::tear:: he had definitely NOT been a bad boy...didn't have anything to do with him...but he thought his dad was crying because of something he did...... :(

Jen: Awww, that last one made me tear up :( I'm sorry about the bad news that Dan got last night. I hope everything is okay. And poor Caydan! It's always so interesting to see how kids interpret situations. People sometimes forget that children are just smaller people, capable of analyzing situations just like us. It's so impressive to me because they don't have the knowledge base that adults have, and yet they still "get it".

And that is way cute about Caydan wanting to ride Tower Of Terror with you! Just keep eating those tacos, Caydan!

Crystal: Since so many people have been asking....there was an emergency with Dan's mother and she was taken to the hospital...she had emergency surgery and as of now (6/4) she is stable...but we don't know what's going to happen yet....hopefully everything will be fine....but things like this that happened in the midst of an otherwise great day at Disneyland for my birthday, just remind us all how fragile life is....and that life doesn't care if it's your birthday, or if it's too soon, or if it's "bad timing" or whatever....things happen and there isn't much we can do about it besides hope and pray for the best.

On a happier note...we are now able to convince Caydan a tad bit easier that he needs to eat all his food on his plate so he can grow big. He's convinced everytime he eats that he is now "big enough" to get on the ride....although he still has about 4 inches to go, lol. :) We told him we'll check when we go back to Disneyland next weekend. :)

Jen: I am SO happy that Dan's mom is stable now. As I said in our e-mail earlier, his entire family is in my prayers.

Sometimes life just sucks out loud. You're right that it doesn't matter when or where- stuff happens. I'm sorry it happened on your special day though :(

On the bright side, I have a gift for you! I know it's a few days late, but I figured it wouldn't be wise to bring it to bring it last Friday while we were out dancing! Maybe I can bring it by this weekend?

P.S. Is Michelle going to prom? (Michelle is Crystal's sister. She goes to school with my brother, who's the same age!)

Crystal: Awwww a gift :) :) Soooo sweet of you :) :) I don't know what we're doing this weekend yet but feel free to call if you're in the area and check and see if we're around. :) :)

I don't know if Michelle is going to prom or not....for some reason I'm thinking she's not...maybe she told me that or Lizzie did...I don't know though. She's just not into the whole school activity social stuff. Is Joey going??

Jen: Joey is, but with a group of guys. I don't think they even bothered asking anyone- they just wanted to go and party. As the older sister, I'm just happy to see him dressed in a tux and going :) He refuses to take pictures though, which irks me.


Ailurophile said...

What a cute and sweet boy Caydan is! Sorry to learn about the sad news for Dan. Wishing you guys the best.


Oh how adorable, my youngest is four and he just constantly makes me so happy and grateful for everyday with him. Your son sounds so sweet

readingsully2 said...

I love the comments that kids make, Crystal. I have a couple on my blog too about my 5 year old granddaughter. :)

Robin said...

Aw, that's absolutely adorable.

Allison said...

The taco comment is so cute!


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