Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tokyo Flash

CH: Another cool site I wanted to share.....I particularly like the jewelry - looks like it's all men's jewelry, but I think even Dan might like some of this stuff...not sure about Joe??


And they're pricey, but not TOO pricey...affordable for a nice gift or whatever. I think I like this one, I'm gonna see if Dan likes it too :)

JH: I really liked this site! It's so difficult to find simple men's jewelry without spending a fortune. There's a place at Downtown Disney called Something Silver where I've bought things for Joe, but it's nice to have another avenue now.

If you're going for simple and nice, and don't mind spending a mini fortune, you can find some great rings for men at Tiffanys. And because they are simple men's rings, they won't run as high as the beautiful diamonds that they offer for us women!

CH: I've always seen that Something Silver store at Disney - I recognize the way the name's written on the website.....but I've never been in it....we'll have to check it out next time we're there (which is all the time!).

I also like Limoges...I think it's limogesjewelry.com or something like that....they have tons of personalized jewelry...Dan got me an Avery necklace there which I love. :) And I got him a ring with Avery's name on it there as well.

I love anything that can be personalized...I think i said that before?? :)

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