Monday, March 16, 2009

Work that body!

JH: As the weather warms up, I find myself inspired to (gasp) exercise! I know we've discussed making badminton dates once we've gained more daylight, so it's about time we pay our dues Crystal! Other than that, how do you work out?

I personally love Pilates! Anything that elongates muscles rather than bulking them up is something I'll go for. I actually used to work with a girl who did a testimonial on one of the Winsor Pilates DVD's, and seriously, they work! She toned her entire body and shrunk within a matter of weeks! She let me borrow her program and I think that's the most sore I've ever been from a workout. And yet, they are the simplest exercises to do!

CH: uhmm...exercise....?? what is this "exercise"? :)

I need our badminton dates....I did the whole bike riding thing at the beach with a co-worker for a total of 2 days I believe....and then I slacked...and never went back.....I'm horrible.

And I was doing the DDR thing for awhile....but I just never have time or the ambition to do it regularly...

I've tried walking with Caydan in the evening - but we don't walk far and I don't feel it does any good and ends up being a waste of time when I could do something else with him or work-wise.

And other than that, I consider my photoshoots to be a workout - my camera weighs a ton! And I'm always squatting or balancing or running or that's what I tell myself. :) :)

Dan said he'll go to the park with us too and go play basketball or something - he bought a new ball and everything. :) :) We need to set a date...and we also need another CSI date. If we don't pick a day, we'll never do it.

JH: I'll check my calendar today and see what free weekends I have coming up. It's getting to be that busy time of year again, so this may be tricky!

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