Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stop ... breathe ... regroup!

JH: I've been guilty of slacking on this blog lately, which I apologize for! It has been a whirlwind of business here (since the new year, really). I have been spending all of my time creating a new business to help children with autism, and Crystal has been putting her all (times a thousand) into Avery James Photography. Please bear with us as we find a balance!

CH: I've missed our chats!! Our long weekend cruise threw me off for sure - and prepping for Caydan's birthday the week before, and the million things I had to get done before the cruise, and now the million things I have to catch up on after the cruise....and I have booked myself silly with photoshoots this month and next....I may have overdone myself. But I feel sooooo productive, so maybe it's ok??? I feel so insane - I want to take Blanca out for her b-day for a girl's afternoon and I realized I had to schedule something all the way in April just to hang out with her!! It's crazy!

We are going to Solvang March 27 - 29 I'm super excited about that. :) :) You guys need to take a trip with us soon!!! We've only gone places by ourselves so far (except for the cruise this weekend which was with Michelle and Michelle) it might be a different experience with friends!

I think I'm getting back on track now though and so I'm hoping I can keep up with the blog now too!! Let's do this! :)

JH: It's amazing how busy we can allow ourselves to become. This past weekend I finally hung out with the people who I used to see on a weekly basis. I hadn't seen them since December! I just hope that my real friends will understand the hiatus and be happy for me and my successes, even if that makes me Little Miss MIA for a bit.

I think you should tell us all about your cruise! I would love to compare it to my experiences, since it was the same trip. I want to know about all of your likes and dislikes! And what excursions, if any, did you do in Mexico?

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