Thursday, March 12, 2009

Plush Puffs

CH: Uhmm...can we say YUMMMM??

JH: OMG! YUMMM! I'm a huge marshmallow fan, so this is right up my alley! Can you imagine the Smores you could create with these?!?! I think that if I order some (which I very well may!) I'll throw another choclate party!

Marshmallows will always remind me of us and how we used to toast the minis over candles in high school. We didn't really consider the health effects from eating soot covered marshmallows! Tastey ;)

CH: LoL that's one of my favorite memories!! I always tell people that story about the mini marshmallows, toothpicks, and candle flames whenever I'm roasting marshmallows....they think it's hilarious....and it is - but that shows you the desperation for some roasted marshmallows that we had!! :)

Dan hates marshmallows...I just don't get it....they are heaven and I soooo want to try these fancy schmancy ones now!!! We should have a fondue party!! :) I want to go to the Melting Pot sooo bad now that it's here. I've been to the one wherever it was I went, I can't remember, and it was sooooo good! :)

JH: Let's plan a night out and go! I've been looking for someone to go with, but nobody wants to spend that much on a meal. They host Girls Nights Out though, so maybe we can leave the boys at home and get our wine and marshmallow on?

CH: ooohh that sounds fun!!! I think we should! Dan won't be happy about me spending that much on a dinner that doesn't include him, but he'll live. :) Maybe they have cheaper lunches I wonder...??

JH: I'm pretty darn sure that the Girl's Nights are much less pricey than the typical meals there. They seemed to be geared around munchies and dessert rather than full meals.

CH: I'm so in for the girl's night...when do we go????

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