Wednesday, March 11, 2009


CH: Interesting site I read about in my Thrillist email today...thought you might be interested :) :)

Thrillist Nation
Wednesday November 19, 2008

Jinni A complex man such as yourself has it rough when it comes to picking a movie -- your grizzled masculinity demands epic violence, while your blushing girliness hungers for epic period outfits. Helping you find the perfect fit, Jinni.

Like a Pandora for cinema, Israel-based Jin' had a team of film professionals create over two thousand tags to map the "genes" of over 10,000 films, then mated that work to emulative "advanced machine-learning technology" to create a system producing reliable recommendations to pull you back from the brink of a Law & Order marathon. Browse/filter movies that fit into themes such as mood (Disturbing, Humorous, Bleak, etc.), plot (Law Enforcement, Misfit, Ambition), and various standard genres, time periods, and settings, or use the search engine to plug in specific desires (i.e., "reluctant partners outer space special effects"), and the results interface'll return top matching flicks as thumbnail screenshots sized based on their relevance, proving that Brokeback Mountain is indeed the biggest gayest movie ever. For less thinking, simply select a touchstone flick and ask for similar ones, thereby sending Jin' looking for the titles that most closely share your movie's genome, from story structures (Non-Linear, Story-Within-A-Story), to plot (One Man Army, Nothing Goes Right), to thousands of other variables, revealing to you the approximately 200 hrs of film that combine "nudity" and "Amanda Peet".

JH: I'm not sure I get it. The link you posted didn't work. Is it like Netflix? Or is it a database of suggestions?

CH: Sorry - I fixed the link now....

So have you ever heard/used Pandora? If you haven't - you need's the awesomest thing ever:

So from my take - Jinni is similar to Pandora, but for put in what you like, and it gives you suggestions - so it's like Netflix, but I think it's a little more in depth even than that....

JH: Hee hee! I'm trying Pandora right now, and it's so awesome! How did I not take advantage of this before?! Seriously, this site is in my head! The very first song they recommended was one that I haven't heard in years, but I just thought of earlier in the week.

CH: I'm a HUGE Pandora fan! I love it. I either here songs I haven't heard in forever, or I hear brand new songs that aren't even on the radio yet. It's awesome. :) :) At first I was making different stations for each genre I liked...then realized I could make my perfect station by mixing all the genres on one station!! Duh! :) :)

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