Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Time

JH: Question of the day ...

How do you spend your alone time? I know you rarely get any, between your family and your busy schedule, but when you do how do you spend it?!

Joe was gone Saturday night so I cleaned up during the day so I would have a stress-free place to relax! Then I picked out super comfy pajamas, took a long hot bath, and sunk into bed for a night of "Jen-friendly" TV. I also indulged in Bacon Ranch Pringles! It was awesome!

CH: I think you hit the nail on the head...I don't really get any...I don't really need it though either I guess.....once in awhile I have an opportunity to be at home alone for an hour or so - say if I get off of work early and Caydan is still at daycare....but instead of leaving him at daycare, I choose to go pick him up and bring him home with me.............I like having him around, even if he drives me crazy sometimes. :)

I guess I don't like really being alone....although sometimes on a weekend night I stay up late and work on the computer after everyone is sleeping - so that's my alone I guess what I do with my alone time is - work. The only time I don't have to feel guilty for not spending enough time with Dan and Caydan. :) I have too many things on my to-do list to spend free time doing anything else. :)

Our family getaways is my relaxing time where I don't that's why I love to get out of town. :)


Wade said...

bacon ranch pringles.....YUMM....

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4 BOYS ONLY said...

hmmmm, alone time.....what is that? I keep trying to watch something, anything girly. The closest I have been able to get is CSI??? I am surrounded by boys! Last week I drove to town to have lunch with my sister before she left to go home. As I was eating, I suddenly got the urge to not go home! I wondered around the store until my husband called and basically begged me to hurry. The funny thing is I always used to hate being alone. I guess now that I am quite literally (including bathroom time) NEVER ALONE, it's a little different. oh well. Maybe someday!

mom seeks life said...

I treasure my alone time and like all themums posting, it's because it is a rare thing. But I like the sound of jen's day - I like the house tobe all clean and lovely too so that I can just relax and enjoy it, slouchy PJs and a bath, snacky food,rubbishy telly...sigh.

mimi charmante said...

Funny, I love the idea of a girl night at home alone, with a bath, but at the same time, after a very short while, I usually get lonely. Hard to please, perhaps...?

Have a fabulous weekend!

Laura said...

What a great interview and blog. I feel like you are only saying what all moms are truly feeling.

When you have a chance come and enter the birthday guest blogger giveaway. I'd love to see what your title will be!


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