Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Customized Girl

CH: I'm so excited :) :)

You know me and sparkly I just got an email from Customized Girl ( and they just introduced rhinestones as an add-on to your design for an extra $10!

This is the same company I bought our Avery shirts from...and I absolutely love this style shirt:

Bella® Sheer Longer Deep V-Neck Tee ($24.97)

It's super comfy and fits great and looks good.

And for the next 3 days you can get 30% off your order of $50 or more (code SHINE2 at checkout)....

It's super bad timing for me because we've been trying to hold back on our spending habits....but it's such a hard offer to resist!! I might have to get one, I don't know yet. :) :)

JH: Perhaps we can do a combo order the next time they have a sale? I would love to get an Autism Prose shirt made, but it's bad timing for me also. I spent yesterday in Urgent Care, and $160 later I'm feeling much better- but my purse is feeling a little light ;)

I ordered a t-shirt from Vista Print since it was grouped in the with free items, but it's nothing that ooo'd or ahh'd me by any means. I know that your Avery shirt is cute and made from comfy material, so I'm sold!

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