Friday, May 1, 2009

So Fresh - Farmer's Market

CH: So what do you think about this?

Since you've recently had a stroll around the Wilson Park Farmer's Market...I still haven't you think this will hurt it, or if it's just catering to a different group of people?

I think I want to check out the Del Amo one - just because it's closer to me....not necessarily for any other reason....

JH: Hmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I am madly in love with our original Farmer's Market, so I don't appreciate the competition. On the other hand, I have been meaning to check out other markets, just to see how they may differ, so this offers an easy glimpse.

I think that most of us will remain loyal to the original market because we love to support local farmers and have relationships with the individual vendors. I'm not a fan of monopolies and just don't think I'd enjoy a Farmer's Market where one sole company provides the food. The original market has wonderful "characters" such as the "Japanese Bob Dylan" (above) and Nathan Lyon from The Next Food Network Star, season 2. These are things that I love and will continue to support :)

CH: When I went to Stagecoach the week before last, a friend of our guest joined us there and was telling me about the Kettle corn at the Wilson Park Farmer's Market......she said she gets some everytime she goes...............
I always forget how good kettle corn is until I taste it - then I'm instantly addicted again! And she also told me about the yummy strawberries she gets for really I'm thinking I need to go and get me some kettle corn and strawberries soon :)

Speaking of strawberries - my grandpa dug up and threw out our strawberry plant that was in his garden that we planted like 3 years ago! It was still alive and growing strawberries, but he seemed convince they wouldn't be any good, so he just threw it out when we weren't there!! :( :( He also said that our grapevine wouldn't grow any grapes...and right after he said that I found 3 different bunches of itty bitty baby grapes growing!! We've had the vine for 3 years now too and this is the first time there has been any sign of grapes!!

I love seeing things grow :)

JH: I always get the Thai Tea which is right next to the Kettle Corn stand. So yummy! And I usually hit up the dates stand. Oh, and you HAVE to try the salsa in the food court. $6 for a pint of the best salsa ever!

That's awesome that you found those tiny grapes! There's hope! Just don't let your grandpa take out the persimmon tree!!! That thing is a culinary gold mine!

CH: LoL - he loves the persimmon tree. I still don't see the draw of them...I don't find them very tasty personally - but outside of myself and Dan, everyone else seems to think they're quite the commodity. :)

Never had Thai Tea - but not a huge tea fan either...I like sweet tea though :) Extra on the sweet! And lemons in it. :)

I'll look into the salsa though, sounds like a great deal...although we don't use salsa much......

JH: If you like sweet tea, you'll love Thai Tea. You know what a sugar fanatic I am, and even I think it borders on too sweet. Totally awesome!

And for those of you who don't know, Crystal and I have this ongoing lifestyle debate that's pretty hilarious! Crystal is good at following rules and playing by the book. Me- it's hit and miss. I've never outgrown the novel feeling of living on my own. Every time I choose to not clean up my mess, throw a party, or stay up all night just to sleep in the next day is like my first time doing it in my own home. One thing I never thought twice about, until Crystal showed confusion and slight horror, was eating dessert before dinner. She does not endorse this at all!

We met up for dessert one weekday evening recently to catch up, and I just had to ask "did you eat dinner before you came here?" Hee hee, yes, she did! And then she thought about it for a second and realized that she hadn't even meant to. It's just the natural order of things!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story because it's one of the reasons why I think we're such wonderful friends. We challenge each other, even if it's just in small ways. Always on our toes :)

CH: LoL hilarious story....I did find that quite amusing that I subconsciously ate dinner already....never stopped to think that pizookies could be my dinner, lol. :) You're such a rebel. :)

And I love that we are able to disagree on a variety of topics, but have the sense to realize that everyone has a different opinion and we're all entitled to a healthy debate can be had, but in the end we'll probably just agree to disagree :) :) :) And that's a-ok by me.

JH: And there you have the basis for this blog!


The Kid In The Front Row said...

Just discovered your blog! Very cool, very unique. Good job girls, keep it up!

Gabrielle said...

I just tagged you, dont ask what that means because im not to sure myself really?

jlc said...

You two ladies have a fabulous blog here!!

Enjoyed reading your posts!!

Kastina said...

I love farmer's markets. :D

jules said...

I love farmers markets, I go to the local one every saturday.

Laura Marie said...

Thankyou for becoming a follower of my little blog :) ... my little ... ramboling venture hehe :)

I love little markets...they're all so beautiful...the one where i live is wonderful :)


Fiona said...

nice blog

Desert Soapstone said...

I have to say I'm a bit jealous. I live in a small town and don't have markets the way bigger cities do. I would love to get a sweet FM in town, preferably one that was open at least 4 days a week and had major variety.


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