Monday, May 18, 2009

Shaky Shaky

Jen: Last night we here in Los Angeles suffered through a 4.7 earthquake! That's actually not too big, but we were incredibly close to the epicenter, so it felt like a good 6. It sounded like a huge *boom* and then everything began to shake like we were right next to a freight train. During the 15 loooooooooooooong seconds of this episode, the glass to my entertainment center exploded and my cabinets flew open in the kitchen. My wine and champagne bottles fell to the floor and even my BBQ out on the balcony found it's way to another spot!

Crystal, how was it for you guys? How did little Caydan react?

Crystal: Since you wrote this, we have now had 2 earthquakes! We were at home during the first one just watching was a bit scary...a couple of pictures knocked over, figurines knocked over....but that was the extent.

I immediately jumped up, grabbed Caydan, and went to the doorway (that elementary school training kicked in I guess)....Dan jumped up and went straight to the flat screen, lol. You can see where out priorities are. :)

Dan then started freaking out because he said that he had "seen" this whole scene happening earlier that day in his a premonition of he was wide-eyed and a little crazy sounding at this moment...and then told me that we had to go out to the street because that's what happened in his vision......I started grabbing my jacket just to humor him and because he was a little scary at that moment....but then he changed his mind and said not to go...I think he realized that whatever he was thinking wasn't actually going to happen...........

Then Caydan says that it was "like a tractor pushing the house"...I love the child's way of describing something. :)

So cruddy about your glass shattering....can you even have that fixed??

Oh - and the second one, which I guess was a large aftershock of this one, occurred on Tuesday when I was at Disneyland with some co-workers...we were waiting in line for the Roger Rabbit spinny ride and then they came over the loudspeaker saying everyone had to exit the building. We didn't even feel it though. Then we heard about the earthquake and realized that they shut ALL the rides down.....weird - being at Disneyland with no rides operating...just thousands of people out walking around aimlessly................

What were you doing when the second one hit? Did you feel it?

Jen: I was at my mom's, on the computer, in front of her HUGE sliding glass door! It was pretty close to the size of the first one, but without the freight train rumble (just the rolling like they're supposed to be). It was just a fraction of the length of the first one though, so it wasn't too big of a deal.

Actually, we had a small quake yesterday too. A 2.something that we didn't feel. That makes 3 days in a row. It's crazy! The specialists said that there is a 5% chance this is all a precursor to a much larger quake. Slim, but still a chance. My fear is that the fault line that's been rocking is so close to us and the ocean.

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