Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Look

Crystal: Soooo...I'm diggin' our new blog look!!! It just looks so....US :) :) :) I can't wait to personalize it even more. :) :)

We'll have to get an updated picture of us at my birthday celebration in a couple of weeks... :) :)

Jen: Last night was so much fun, and way needed! In a perfect world we wouldn't need to set aside time to catch up the way we do, but since we can't spend as much time together as we'd like, it's great to have our CSI nights!

And I'm so glad we finally made a banner for this blog! It has inspired me to get my butt in gear and spruce up Haute Whimsy! I still need to do that shoot with you ... probably after I get my hair done! I'm thinking blond again, with bangs (perhaps).


Southern Drawl said...

Yes, I agree, cute new look very beachy... :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Looking GOOD !!!!!!!!!

Kelly's Ideas said...

Love the banner.. I'm thinking of blond too.. or some major highlights!


Josh Jones said...

Love the new look! Keep up the great work!

Carol said...

I like it!

Rosana V. said...

this blog is beyond adorable...thanks for the follow and plan to keep up with updates (read: live vicariously through you two).


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