Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

CH: I'd love to hear what everyone did for their mother's day! Whether you're a mother and you were pampered (or not), or you did something for your own mother...or maybe someone who is like a mother to you. :) :) What did you do Jen??

Dan made breakfast in the morning (omelettes and bacon- yumm) - he also got me a beautiful jewelled necklace and Caydan made me a cute hanging thing with his picture on it at school...we then went to go visit Avery at the cemetary after that, then we went over to my grandfather's house and Dan bbqd for everyone (grandpa, mom, and both my sisters)....Caydan, Michelle, and I all sat outside on the front lawn...I was catching some rays all day (and I am a half red and half white lobster today) - Caydan played with Play-doh and Moon Sand in his Cars tent that you got him. :) My sister Michelle got me a beautiful glass paperweight that says "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart....Psalms 37:4", and Lizzie made me a really nice handmade card. :)
After dinner we went home and watched The Wire (finished Season 3 - LOVE IT).

To our subscribers - what did you do for Mother's Day??

JH: Aside from the humorous Murphy's Law weekend that I had (you can read about it on Haute Whimsy), I had a very nice Mother's Day with my mom in the morning, Joe's mom in the afternoon, and my mom again in the evening. Busy day!

After my mad rush to finalize the gifts first thing in the morning, we stopped by my mom's house to give her the gift and card, and eat cupcakes! Then it was off to Joe's sister's for a Hawaiian themed party with Bikini martinis, pineapple sausage and grapefruit cake. Yummy! We all played with Little Zoey (my boyfriend's 7 month old niece) and relaxed with wonderful family and friends. When it was time to leave, Joe and I stopped back by my mom's so I could spend a little more time with her.

It's SO incredibly difficult to split holdays between both of our families. One day I'll have to try my hand at hosting so I don't have to run around like a mad woman!


Charlotte said...

Thanks for asking! My husband let me sleep in until 10:30a, and then I had my step-mom, Dad, MIL, and step-sis over for dinner. My own mom had pinkeye so she coudldn't make it. It was fun but I think I will take a cue from my SIL next year and go out of town.

anudivya said...

:) I called my mother and wished her, thatz all I could do sadly. She lives so far far away from me!

Nat said...

Nice blog!

Gaia said...

I'm used to do something special for my mom every day, buy something, prepare a cake or whatever, we are very close and now that I'm not anymore (unfortunely) a child our relationship is fantastic, she's everything to me, my friend, my sister, my mom..I love her more than anybody else...we argue sometimes but we are there always for each other...She's an artist, she does beautiful thing ( see that kitchen , she made it)...

I could continue to say more and more...

Hope you'll come to visit me...Thanks Gaia


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