Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buffy the Vampire Slayer...or not?

Crystal: I was super excited when I saw the headline on AOL today - 'Buffy Reboot in the Works'....until I read the story:'s another Buffy movie...but not? So...they're not using the same characters...possibly not even Buffy herself...has nothing to do with the tv show...but yet they want to use Buffy the Vampire Slayer as reference just because the same people who OWN the rights want to make a new movie...I feel like they're just playing with us loyal Buffy fans and taking advantage of us by throwing the Buffy name around but in the end just making another vampire movie.....right?

Or am I misunderstanding this?

I do get that you shouldn't ruin a good thing by taking the tv show and making it into a movie...especially since they're not even using Joss Whedon to make it...but it should still have some of the same basis around it....right? Otherwise it's not Buffy.


Jen: I heard about this yesterday :( You know what a massive Buffy fan I am, so I'm sure you already know my feelings on this! PUKE!

Aside from being a Buffy fan, I'm a Joss Whedon fan. Poor Joss gets screwed in every project he takes on it seems. He's an absolute genius and the networks put him through the ringer, show after show. And in the end, what you have is a new cult following for every one of his endeavors. I honestly don't think he's ever had a single failure, so why is he excluded from his own creations?

On a happier note, his new show that premiered last season, Dollhouse, is awesome and has been picked up for another season! He had a long battle to get the show up and running (as always) because of the network and them wanting to change everything about it, but in the end he won and it's a hit! Hopefully he'll change his mind about this being the last TV series he ever works on, because everything he does is golden!

P.S. Crystal, I remember you making a comment before about how maybe Joss has a crush on Eliza Dushku because she's his leading lady in Dollhouse and being a big character on Buffy, but as it turns out, they created Dollhouse together- he didn't just choose her! She's actually the producer!


shelliebellie said...

yes i feel you. i'm sure exactly what they mean by all of this. I am ery skeptical about this project. but i will watch it. They say say they havn't ruled out Joss Whedons support in it... probably jus because hes so busy with Dollhouse, and maybe he doesn't want a part in it. There could be other reasons. But if it doesn't have anything to do with the original "Buffy" then they have to stopr saying "BUFFY!!!" duh... unless every vampire slayers name is "buffy"

"each generation has its own vampire slayer to protect it."

this got my interest. Thats why i will give it a shot. But if its going to be any good, picking the right actress is going to be tough. I keep picturing them using a character like Kennedy from the last season. *cringe* she got on my neeeerves!!!! so obnoxious!!!

gah and why the used the pic from the 1997 movie? like if theyre going to do this they better make it a fresh new start and idea. something really modern. and stay away from trying to recreate the others.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

They need to leave Buffy alone... gash golly miss molly...
ohh how i love me some buffy!
this is gonna so so lame but i am rewaching the fourth season! :D
ohhhhhh! :D
Leave BUFFY ALONE! end of story!

Rebecca said...

I will probably check it out, cuz I love Buffy

But, no Whedon? That seems way wrong.


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