Friday, May 1, 2009


CH: So I just looked at my calendar today and saw that we have a CSI night coming up on the 15th!! :) We still good to go for that?

Whatcha think about Lost lately??

JH: Still on! I've been thinking about CSI a lot lately, so good timing! And Lost is awesome! This isn't my favorite season by far, but I'm hooked nonetheless! It was nice to finally get some insight into the Smoke Monster and I can't wait to find out about the statue. I know you don't like to theorize about the show too much, so I'll hold my tongue ... for now ;)

CH: I too was very intrigued about this statue....we're talking about the giant one where just the feet are left, right?
And was it just me - or was the scene with Charlotte as a child and what's his name when she was on the swings - a bit creepy? Like child predator like? It made me a bit uncomfortable watching it, lol.
And the whole Smoke Monster thing was was becoming a bit cheesy for awhile though...i think it still is a bit, but it makes more sense now that there is a little more background on what it is.............
And I miss seeing what Locke is up to!
I don't want to overtheorize about it...but a little bit here and there is good. :) :)


Anonymous said...

I love CSI even the Miami one but not so much the NY one. As far as LOST....I still watch it but eh I dont know, kinda getting tired of it. It was so much better the 1st season I think. Now it is just getting crazy weird.

J B J said...

despite the fact that Lost is craaaazzzy this season - I cannot help but still be hooked.

And I totally agree with you on the child predator thing. On the upside.. at least he was killed off the show! awkwardness no more!


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