Friday, April 30, 2010


Crystal: Jen - I feel like you've posted something similar to this in the past, or maybe another product from the same company? Either way, I just came across this site for Baggino, a first I was like, wow - this is weird looking...and way overboard for my personal taste...but as I watched the video play and saw them start pulling out the items in the little pockets, I started to think that although it's completely silly looking, and I'd totally walk out of a public bathroom laughing to myself at anyone I saw wearing one of these, it actually was kind of handy.

Judge for yourself. :)

Jen: How funny! I actually blogged about them last year here. I love this company, even though I don't have any children yet. The owners are so sweet! I'm glad to see their business is catching on!!!


kirstyb said...

fabulous post xxxx

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

.•*´¨`*•.Dropped with a happy heart,just to wish you a blessed week ahead.•*´¨`*•.

natural selection said...

Diaper bag changer..I dunno what to say..oh boy.

Neat blog though!

Avery James Photography said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

LoL "natural selection" - I'm not completely sure what to say's very utilitarian, I'll go with that. :)

kanishk said...

very classy! they are nice!
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