Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heartworks By Lori- Etsy Feature

Jen: I've been a long-time adorer of Heartworks By Lori "art lockets"! What makes her work so unique is that she collaborates with other artists and turns their art into jewelry. The designs embedded in her lockets are miniature versions of paintings and photography prints!

Heartworks By Lori has worked with two of my favorite Etsy artists, A Black Apple and Irene Suchocki. To have an opportunity to buy my favorite images in print and in accessories is priceless to a fan like me :)

Crystal: Oh how fun! Maybe one day she'll want to put some of my photos on jewelry...I don't take any landscape/object pics right now, but someday I plan to branch out to that. :)

(#2 - April 28, 2010)

1 comment:

andrealynn said...

The first locket with the hot air ballon and bike is absolutely my favorite. I so in love with the image.


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