Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Food Revolution

Jen: Thanks to Alyssa Milano, who is the world's best Tweeter, I signed this petition yesterday. I fully back this movement because after working in the public school system, I can vouch for the crap they feed our kids. It's awful. You can tell by their stinky little toxic farts after lunch. It smells just like the poison "burgers" they scarfed down with ketchup colored corn-syrup. Super gross.

Jamie Oliver is a God-send, and I think he's pretty brave for standing up to Americans and challenging them to feed their kids nutritious food! This petition is meant to supplement his current TV special, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC. After his special is over, he's going to take the petition to the White House to prove that Americans are taking a stand against garbage food in schools.

This shouldn't be a difficult feat seeing as how Michelle Obama is all about natural foods. When she moved into the White House, she planted a massive garden and allows local children to come garden with her. To me, that's walking the walk. Food Network even had a special Iron Chef America episode where the chefs had to use fresh veggies from the White House garden as their secret ingredient!

Please take a quick moment to sign this petition for the health of our kids, and our country!

Crystal: LoL - I'm still laughing at "stinky little toxic farts"! That was a great line.

I suppose if I ate better myself, I might care more about what they serve in school....and I suppose when Caydan is actually in school and eating in the cafeteria, I'll care more then as well....but as of now, this isn't a topic that's even crossed my mind yet. But soon enough I'll have more to say about it I'm sure. :)

That is really awesome though about Mrs. Obama having the local kids come and garden with awesome would that be to say you gardened with the First Lady???

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Sheri said...

I signed it too!


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