Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Beachy Keen feature!!! Daily Etsy Shop feature

Crystal: I just talked this over with my trusty partner, Jen...and we think this is going to be fun! She absolutely loves Etsy and is constantly browsing through the shops....I don't get on as much as her, but when I have the time, I find myself perusing as well.

We always find such fun stuff, but don't always have someone to share these great finds with....so we decided to do a new feature on this blog - Daily Etsy Shop Feature (maybe we'll come up with a more creative title as this goes on though!).

Each day, we'll take turns posting some of our favorite items from an Etsy shop...it should be interesting to see what we post too, because Jen and I, while very similar in many things, are also very different in terms of what interests us. You'll probably notice a trend as the days go on. :)

We hope that you'll like this new feature and find some awesome new stuff for yourself from our finds as well! :)

So I'm going first - Jen will post her feature tomorrow. :)

Etsy Feature #1 - April 27, 2010
I actually came across this site yesterday as I was researching how I could make my own tutus for my photography business...I came across these pettiskirts and loved the photos.....and the pettiskirts! Aren't they just beautiful??

I love all the fluff in them...they look super soft and just completely girly. I don't have a little girl, but if I did - she would be wearing one of these just for the fun of it!

Check out all the colors!

And if you'd like to venture into your own pettiskirt making (which I let that idea go pretty quickly once I realized that I couldn't even keep up with the directions on one site I read)...she also sells pre-cut strips of chiffon (the super fluffy part of the pettiskirts!).

Pettiskirt Lingerie Nylon Chiffon Fabric Rolls - $17.50 for 60 yards

Happy shopping! :)

Jen: Umm, can I have one?! I'd happily clean my house in one of these! Perhaps my little niece, Zoey, will have to have one ;)

How cute would it be to have a tutu party for a little girl??? I'm keeping my fingers crossed my own little girl one day!

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Romantic Pansy said...

i have a raffle in my blog, the prize is a "lady brooch" made by me. maybe you want to take part of the raffle. Just leave a comment and if you win the brooch will have your initial embroidered on it!
Thank you!! i love your blog!



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