Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Crystal: So, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars at all....but I saw some highlights on Fox 11 news this morning from last night's airing....I hadn't realized that Nicole Scherzinger was on this season...isn't that unfair to the other contestants??? She's in a girl group who is pretty much known for their dancing (Pussycat Dolls)....yea, they sing too....but they're more known for being entertainers versus singers.

How do you throw into a dancing competition, a professional dancer (who is drop-dead gorgeous by the way), and a bunch of others who if anything have just done it for fun on the side. I mean, Nicole Scherzinger vs Kate Gosselin or Shannen Doherty...or Buzz Aldrin?? I guess Kristi Yamaguchi would go under the "experienced" category too, although dancing on ice and dancing on stage are a bit different.

It just seems very weighted on one end...

Again, I haven't watched the show, so I don't know how well Nicole is actually doing, but I would bet she's doing pretty well....please fill me in if I'm incorrect though.

Jen: I'm not a huge fan (my mom is!) but I've caught bits and pieces this season because I was interested in Kate Gosselin. My very first thought was that the choice to extend an offer to Nicole Scherzinger was SO wrong! This is what she's known for! That makes it unfair, but even more importantly for the success of their show, uninteresting!

Again, I don't really watch the show so I can't say for sure, but is there enough room for
Scherzinger to grow to keep audiences tuned in? I couldn't care less about the show now that Doherty and Gosselin are gone.

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