Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Question of the Week 9-1-09

What makes for a perfect vacation?

Jen: I love getting away more than anything! I don't look for relaxation though (I can do that on my couch). I want adventure and sights, shopping and dining! I love visiting the downtown area in every city I vacation in.

Crystal: I think I'm exactly like you. My vacations usually end with needing a vacation to recoup from my vacation. Even though we use our timeshare places a lot lately, and they're gorgeous with full amenities - the type of place you go to just hang out at the resort and relax...we usually don't spend much time in our rooms or on-site....we usually get in, drop off our stuff, then go to our first destination.

For me personally, I like to plan my dream vacations around amusement parks. I'm a huge amusement park person....and my lifelong dream vacation has been Disney World.......luckily, that dream is FINALLY coming true....28 years later! This December we will be taking a really nice vacation there...sparing no expenses....it's gonna be a blast. I'm so excited. :) :)


laterg8r said...

i'm a go-go-go type vacationer too. i want to see and do EVERYTHING while i am there :D

Love said...

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