Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Can Hardly Wait!

Jen: I'm writing this from my newly rearranged living room, and this is the first day that I've been able to work from home since the fires in my city here in California! It's so nice to feel the drop in temperature and to smell clean air again!

I'm incredibly excited about the Fall season this year! October has always been my favorite month because of my birthday and Halloween, but this year I'll also be celebrating my niece's first birthday! Between carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin scones from Starbucks, I'm going to have to say that October also brings the best culinary options for me. I recently discovered a salad at California Pizza Kitchen that has some amazing Fall ties, such as baked and chilled acorn squash, dried cranberries and dates in a light champagne vinaigrette- yum! I'm definitely going to be making that throughout the season!

Crystal is on a work retreat right now (lucky her!) but perhaps when she returns she'll be up to sharing some of her reasons for looking forward to Fall this year!

Crystal: I'm afraid I don't share your love of fall. Maybe because I'm a June baby and so summer is therefore my month. :) :)

To me, fall basically means that summer is over. :( :( I don't like the drop in temperature...I prefer the lovely, warm, heat. :)

But, having a child, Halloween is much more fun for me. While I'm not big into dressing up at all, it's so fun to see how happy my son gets when trying on a Halloween costume, saying "trick or treat", and getting all kinds of candy. This year we'll be going to the Disney Trick or Treat event again at Disneyland California...we loved it last year, so we'll be Friday actually. :)

And I believe we've narrowed down his costume to Peter Pan. We couldn't find one that I liked, and I did find this adorable knight costume from the Narnia: Prince Caspian movie that i loved...but Caydan didn't like it. He wants to be Peter Pan. So we're just gonna go back and get the one from the Disney store as it was the best quality one...but I didn't like the color of it. Oh well, he'll be a cute Peter Pan. :)

Other than that though, fall means football to me....which I am not a fan of, but my fiance is...and he spends most of his time watching it - which means I can't watch my t.v., and we have to base our schedules around game times....this does not make a happy Crystal. :)


A.Love said...

Lucky lady getting to work at home!! Not so lucky about the fires! :( I'm so happy it's Fall and you just reminded me of MORE reasons why I love it!

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