Sunday, August 30, 2009


Jen: Los Angeles has been having its share of summer wildfires. Last year, San Diego got the brunt of it; the year before was San Bernardino's turn. This time, it's close to our Beachy Keen home :(

One of the two recent/current fires hit my city, and soon to be Crystal's city. It's unnerving to be told by the news and authorities to get your prized possessions and animals ready for a possible evacuation.

Sadly, the current fire further in Los Angeles is still raging, and the lives of firefighters are being lost :( We have a constant reminder of the dire situation in the form of this surreal white cloud-looking smoke that can be seen for hundreds of miles.


very married said...

stay safe!

Helen McGinn said...

I'm so sorry. I was reading about this in another blog, transparent mama, who is amidst it all. I hope you don't have to evacuate and stay safe and well. Thinking of you both. x

Nicole said...

I live in Hermosa..and wow..the smoke looks like a volcano erupted... I hate turning on the news everyday...

Clelia said...

I can image a life like that... LOS ANGELES IS an awesome city but fire scares me a lot.

Clelia from London

Kelly's Ideas said...

I saw this cloud when I was at Disneyland on Saturday - it was so large we at first thought it was part of Toon Town's decorations - I did not figure what is was until the next day - thankfully here in OC - the smoke has not affected us - but my prayers go to the families that it does.


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