Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Infant Accessories?

Crystal: I'm thinking about expanding, or rather starting I guess I should say, my infant accessory collection for use in my photography (Avery James Photography). I'd love to get some cute knit hats, diaper covers, headbands, blankets, those netting things to put the babies in, etc.
So I figured that the best place to start is on Etsy…I love all the handmade stuff, and I love to help out small businesses.
With that said, I'd love to get some suggestions and references for products. Feel free to pass along your own sites or your favorite sites…and if you're willing to work out an exchange or discount for photos of your products, I'm all ears. I'll even throw in a ton of advertising for you in all my various social networking avenues.
Thanks everyone!

Photo below from Laura Renee Photography:


Trish said...

that has to be about the cutest baby pix ever!

Danelyn said...


Design Darling said...

that is just about the cutest thing i've ever seen. thanks for becoming a follower of my blog :) yours is wonderful!!!

Krimly said...

so cute!


Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Such a darling! The qutest ever;)

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

So incredibly cute!!! :) Erica


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