Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Crystal: So I technically got this on my photography blog (Avery James Photography), but she noted both that blog and Beachy Keen in her post…so I'm just going to assume this award for both blogs!!

Thank you so much to kateyleigh @ for the awesome Sugar Doll Award!!

According to her post, we're supposed to list 10 things about ourselves, and then tag 10 other blogs that we would like to award this to! So like we have done in the past…I'll take 5 of each, and Jen can take the other 5!

Here goes mine!

5 Things About Me
  1. I've been on t.v. and movies before! Granted, I was probably a flicker of color walking behind the real star of the show…but that's not the point. Most recently I remembered that I was in a Richard Simmons workout video! A salsa dancing one…in the background though…I'm gonna have to find that so I can check it out, lol.
  2. I love notebooks…I rarely write anything in them, but I always buy them when I see ones I like…I have boxes of blank notebooks at home.
  3. I am loving my new Kindle…and currently reading the 3rd installment of the Twilight series. LOOOOOVE IT!!! Team Edward here.
  4. I'm on a Tigger collecting kick right now…it, among many other things, has sentimental value relating to my first son, Avery…plus he's just so darn cute.
  5. I'm about to attempt to make my son's 4th birthday cake in a couple of weeks…with fondant…I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, but I'm hoping I can do it!!
5 Blogs I Would Like To Award!
  1. Novel Vault – It's not quite up and running yet…but this is gonna be BIG.
  2. All Things Creative – Because I like creativity…and because she posts some great pictures. I love pictures.
  3. Art Bead Scene – Because beads are fun!! It takes me back to mine and Jen's high school days when we had our bead business!!
  4. Bridal Bliss – Because even though I'm not in wedding planning mode yet, I love to see all the fun ideas!!
  5. The Pink Ninjas – Seriously…just check out their stuff…scrapbooking awesomeness.
Okie doke…Jen's turn!

Jen: Good stuff, Crystal! I love notebooks, too! I found a bunch while I was setting up my new bookcases. I don't know what to do with them all!

5 Things about me:
  1. I absolutely love Pakistani food!
  2. I had photos of my dream home printed last month so I can finally create my dream board.
  3. I'm a huge Disneyland fan. I've even been to Club 33, thanks to a past co-worker's membership. I would love to be a member one day!
  4. I spend a ridiculous amount of time theorizing about Lost.
  5. I'm a Joss Whedon girl for life! I adore everything he does!
5 Blogs I Would Like To Award!

  1. Michelle Woo - The best anecdotes around!
  2. Some Girls Wander by Mistake - This fashion blog is written by the Black Apple's Emily. I love her style!
  3. Cupcakes and Cashmere - This is one of my favorite daily reads! Emily (yes, another one!) charms us with her fashion presence and amazing recipes!
  4. A Fanciful Twist - This girl knows how to throw one heck of a blog party! She's quirky and whimsical, and a delight to visit!
  5. Mashable! - I pretty much learn everything cool from them!


sony said...

WOW WOW WOW!! Thank you so much for considering me for an award! You've made my day :)


Awesome Sara said...

ur a movie star?!?!?! well now im impressed...

Sweet Escape said...

awwww!! are sooo super sweet!!...thanks for the awesome!!!

kateyleigh said...

I am the same way with notebooks!

Also: EDWARD!!! yessss!

JIN said...

aahhh you have a Kindle? I want one so bad, I think I'm going to put it on my manifestation board lol


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