Friday, May 21, 2010

Kristabela - Etsy Feature

Crystal: Sorry everyone - slacking again over turn for the Etsy shop feature. :)

So I'm tried out this "Pounce" thing on Etsy because I love things that are random (just another quirk about myself).  And so I chose "undiscovered" and checked out what came up...

So I'm also a fan of random knick knacks and gift items...things that you don't necessarily need, but that are fun to this is what I came across and would love to get them as a gift for someone!  Or myself if I still had a baby around....

Kristabela (no shop logo...yet i assume)

She's only got a few things up, but I love what she does have!

These Fabric Wipe Cases are an awesome idea!  I would have been all over these back when my son was in diapers if I knew about it.

And I LOOVE diaper covers....especially monogrammed and personalized ones!  And look how cute her owl design is!!

And then of course, the awesome Tutu Dress....i love tutus :)

Happy shopping! :)

(#9 - May 21, 2010)

1 comment:

Raven said...

luv the owl diaper cover!


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