Thursday, July 9, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

A huge thank you to Carole at Art Plus for this award! Crystal and I are going to combine our blog picks for this award and each choose a few. As usual, mine (Jen) will be in red, and Crystal's in purple:

We are suppose to select seven of our favorite blogs and tell you why we like them, so here goes:
(Presented in no particular order)

Let Them Eat Cupcakes- This blog is full of fashionable goodies, and has a Marie Antoinette theme, which completely speaks to me!

Sarah Says Awesome- Sarah has an unrivaled amount of sass and spunk that keeps me coming back for more!

Circling My Head- Renee floors me with her timeless posts about her amazing (and large!) family. She takes me out of my world and places me in her's with such ease that sometimes it's jolting when her post comes to an end and I find myself back in my reality. I love it!

A Fanciful Twist- Vanessa sees the world in colors we can't even imagine! To step into her blog is to step into another world, full of whimsy and delight!

The second requirement to accept this award is to tell you things about ourselves:

1. Thriller was my favorite video as a very young child!

2. My favorite fairytale is The Twelve Dancing Princesses, closely followed by Rapunzel.

3. I'm 27 years old and my wisdom teeth are just starting to bother me. It sucks. A lot.

4. I'm afraid of clowns. I thought that this was an irrational fear until I discovered photos of me (that I obviously blocked out) at a pumpkin patch with the scariest looking clown I've ever seen! Poor little me looked absolutely terrified as I bit my nails and was bending as far away from the "creatures" as possible. Oddly, pumpkins are amongst my favorite things.

5. I always seem to have panties in my purse, but it's because I lug my laundry to my mom's house and a pair always tends to fall out of the laundry basket into my backseat. I will notice this a couple days later and stuff them into my purse to put away when I get upstairs. And then I forget! And then I rediscover them at the most inopportune times!

And now for my (Crystal) favorites :)

Haute Whimsy - not just because she's my bestie...but because she is full of talent and creative and amusing thoughts...I am constantly entertained when reading her blog. :)

Palos Verdes Daily Blog - As a photographer I started checking out this blog to find some new interesting locations in my local area...and then found myself so amused at all the different things that are right around me that I didn't even know about! :)

Five Moms and a Blog - Well I really just ADORED their blog banner....but the blog itself is very well written and quite interesting!

Just Add Glitter and Stir - Another blog with a fantastic banner...and I LOOOVE the blog name. But over all of that she has some great craft highlights! :)

Now...5 things about me :)

1. I can be a bit obsessive. I like to collect and attain EVERYTHING...from collecting figurines and coffee cups to insisting on watching every single movie and tv show that's available on Netflix.

2. I get very frustrated very easily when things don't go as planned...but I am a solution seeker as well

3. I am an entrepreneur at heart...I've been devising money-making tactics since I was a wee-one. :)

4. I am a geek...I was a thespian in high school, I'm a member of Toastmasters here at my work, I love computers, the Internet, and the Sims or anything similar to the Sims....and I love fantasy stories/movies like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc. :)

5. I love macaroni and cheese and will order it at any restaurant that serves it regardless of how high class the place is. :)

So - Jen...I think we're supposed to tell the people we awarded that they got it right? Did you do yours already? I'll do mine shortly....

Jen: I didn't realize we could post each other's blogs! I amend my list by adding Avery James Photography! Beautiful photos and anecdotes written by the famous Crystal Henning!!! And yes, she really is famous! She even has an imdb page (although it only has one thing listed and needs to be filled, ahem!)


Iva said...

omg!! same thing for my and my wisdom teeth! I am 27 and NOW they bug me?! UGH!


Maggi said...

Wowowowow thank you so much! I love the facts about each of you! That undies in the purse is a killer and I'm addicted to Netflix too! lol Thanks for the tag, I'm going to try and get mine up this weekend!

Have a great night!

PorkStar said...

Wisdom teeth, ugh i cant stand those things... Im almost 33 and they do bother from time to time, but no way in hell am i going to go under the knife to get them out.

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Congrats on your award ladies!

Miti said...

Thanks, girls! We are so honored to receive this award.

My sister is a graphic designer and designed the header for us. I agree she did an awesome job on it.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the 5 Moms.

Keep a look out for our shout out post. It usually runs on a Sat.

Thanks again!

5 Moms and a Blog

Renee said...

Jen you are such a dream friend.

Love you and thank you for the lovely words.


Awesome Sara said...

OMG honey!!! you are so fucking sweet!!! I love my award!!! I super duper love my award!!! i was having the worst morning ever and this seriously made my day!!! OMG KISSESES!!!!!

MichCherie said...

More to my following list!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Tash said...

Crystal - thank you soooo much for the award. You are not only very talented and very pretty (probably the best looking geek around) but so kind too! It really made my week & got me out snapping more pictures. LOL RE Jen's spare panties & your Mac & Cheese (seriously???). I'll delay passing it on for when I get back next week. I love this blog cus you two have so much fun with it and cover so much ground.

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Hey, just wanted to thank you for the award! I know Miti already stopped by and said "Thanks", but we all really do appreciate our viewers and followers!

We'll post the award the next time we do a Saturday Shout Out. It should be in the next few weeks. =0)

Take care!


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