Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Crystal: So I've developed this great love for plants and flowers and just anything that grows over the years....as some know, we redid my grandfather's backyard and memorialized it as "Avery's Garden" about 3 years ago. We dug everything up, replanted grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc.

Unfortunately, the soil at my grandfather's house isn't great, it gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter (for Southern California standards at least) and my fiance and I know know little to nothing about plantlife....so more than half of everything we've planted has died, including the grass :(

I just came across this awesome product which I will hopefully some day own...it's not a huge investment, but on top of everything else we NEED right now, this is towards the bottom of the list...but eventually..........................I sooooo could use this product:

EasyBloom http://www.easybloom.com/buy/overview.html

You basically stick it in the ground where you want to plant something, leave it there for a day or two (gotta read the directions), it measures the air temperature, moisture, drainage, etc.....then you plug it in to your computer and it tells you what kind of plants to grow there based on your location and the data it collected...and I think I even read somewhere that it alerts you when you need to water!

How handy is that....? I might never kill a plant again with this thing. :)

Oh - unfortunately for our global readers, it says it only works in the U.S. :( But maybe there's something similar already out there for your country....

Jen: I think this is about the best thing I've ever heard of! I'll pull out the handy cliche and say it might be the best thing since sliced bread!

It's funny that I should read this now, because I'm currently watching my mom through her window as she's trying to salvage her garden. One of the downsides to living 5 miles from the beach is that the soil is very sandy- not a good growing environment.

Easy Bloom sounds like something to put on your Christmas list ;)

P.S. I just found this from one of the founders of EasyBloom:

I’m one of the founders of Easybloom. I wanted to answer your question about working out side of the United States. One of the thing that the sensor does, is ‘normalize’ lighting conditions based on cloud cover. For instance a cloudy day might look very “shady” to a plant. So if the sensor detects shady conditions, but it is actually in the middle of a field, then the reading would be inaccurate. For that reason the website checks the cloud cover for the area where the sensor was in the ground and ‘normalizes’ the data based on actual cloud cover.

We do not yet have a feed of the cloud cover by postal code in Europe, which is why it wouldn’t work well there.

I hope that this helps.



Kristin said...

This would be a great gift for the hubs!

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

Wow this is neat! I actually just planted flowers this spring and they totally died... :(

Thanks for sharing with us

Anonymous said...

Cool... thinking of other uses. Too moist = time to change the cat litter :-D

You'll really need to give us a review at the end of the growing season!

babypicturethis said...

What a great product! I'm a bit hopeless in the garden, this could save me...!

Brightfish said...

This might be one of the top 5 coolest things I've ever seen...and need desperately!


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